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Hi all!

I am a newbie to the whole Internet marketing thingy. I tried selling ebooks if tht counts but otherwise I haven't a clue! I know what I've read on seo and serp but I am willing to listen to all advice given and would be most grateful for resources to get me going!

P.s new to warriorF so sorry if broken rules as I litteratly signed up bout 10mins ago

Daniel Clark
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    Hi Daniel and welcome to the forum!

    Theres a ton of great info here so get reading!

    Also, if you're worried about breaking the rules then it's probably best to read the forum rules first to make sure you won't do anything wrong in future.

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    Hi Daniel,

    Like Ali said there is a ton of excellent training right here.

    If you are looking for more of a step by step type of method then maybe take a look at Jeremy Schoemaker aka "ShoeMoney" free 12 week internet marketing course.
    ShoeMoney Xtreme Internet Marketing Guides

    Learning internet marketing can be really overwhelming with all the information out there. Just take it one step at a time and make sure to do a little bit everyday and before you know the momentum will kick in.
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    Welcome aboard.

    You will need to do a lot of reading and studying first. Then pick a market and then a niche of that market and then keywords for that niche market...

    And that's just the beginning...

    There is a ton to learn and Warriors are willing to help. You can also visit the WSO forum and find lots of inexpensive ideas, systems, and products for implenting the Internet marketing tools and systems (like the one in my sig hint, hint).

    Everyone, or almost everyone you talk to here is usually willing to help you if you run into a snag or a problem.

    Welcome again! Good luck,
    birminghamshootingrange.comfor sale |"Knowledge is NOT power... ACTION on Knowledge is power"
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    As said, there is a lot of good information here at the warrior forum, you just have to look for it. Try ordering the posts in number of views or replies, and you will find threads with very good information
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      Hi DC,

      I have tried online for years to create and online business and then I ventured off into taking a mentorship program. I would look to some of the top internet marketers, and see what their programs cost and decide if you would like to learn from them.

      In mentorship programs, you make friends, joint venture alliances and get a jump start in the right direction. And usually their information is cutting-edge, especially if you find a good mentorship program to get involved in. I found myself going in ten different directions with no clear business model or focus before I enrolled.

      And spend alot of time on this forum, too

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    Thank you everyone for your warm welcome's and friendly advice!
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    Welcome to the forum.

    You can find a wealth of knowledge here. If something sounds too good to be true with links, be careful

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