Auto website's are they the way to go?

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Hi all

I was recently looking for a website designer but couldn't find a price to match my wallet, that was until I found websites for sale already setup on a topic with a domain already and only hosting to be paid,

Now these were starting at a auction price of £15 on eBay which leads me to be scepticle but as a IM newbie is this they way forward for me? I plan to promote it tirelessly if I decide to go ahead with this and they look to be decent enough.

Awaiting your replies

P.s is there a way I can be notified of a reply to this post ?
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    Those sites are really pretty mediocre. Most of those templates are just some resale rights crap that anyone can download & then plop up there to sell. Is it the way forward? Maybe if you're looking for something basic. Could it be coded bad which could hurt rankings, etc.? Yes but you never really know until you get it.

    You never know unless you try so if you do find something decent and by a trusted seller, go for it if it's that cheap. Hopefully your experience will be GR8. I'd wait a little while first though and look around more for some other answers.

    And to subscribe to a thread and be notified of replies on WF is very easy. If you look up top on your post (or any post for that matter) you'll see a link that says "Thread Tools". Click that and scroll down to click on "Subscribe to this Thread" and you're all set ;-)


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    Auto sites are good if it's unique content, I cant really comment on
    scraper sites cos I don't have one.
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    Thanks for the info!
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