Do giveaway events even work anymore?

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I am starting to see more giveaway events again.

Do these even work anymore? Or, do the participants just get a fat list full of freebie seeker cheapskates that aren't really interested in quality products?

I remember them from many days gone by, and they did seem to be somewhat effective years ago. Now I am seeing them make a comeback.

What gives?
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    Hi Michael,

    Personally I have joined a couple of giveaway events and even the top

    I feel the quality of the jv partners are important.

    Remember 20% give 80% of the results.

    So now I only join BIG giveaway event selectively
    with jv partners who have good track records
    so it is a win-win for all...

    I notice there are two kind of partners:
    1. one with very responsive list who buys
    2. others who joined and they have very unresponsive list

    My 2 cents,
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    Giveaway events still work great. Like John, I only join the bigger ones so it's worth my time.

    As someone who advertises almost exclusively to freebie seeker type of people, I know that they are definitely willing to spend money just like anyone else.

    You just have to sell them things they want.

    Solomon Huey
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    Hi Michael,
    Like you I checked out Giveaway and Gift events with much thought before starting my own.

    In my research I noticed some Big names that repeatedly keep going or holding these events.

    So if they did not work... Why would these big name IM'ers continue to attend or hold giveaway events?

    Just my thoughts.
    Articlemaddness (Mike)

    cheatsheet & reports

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