Need some help with affiliate marketing

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I'm new to the affiliate marketing, I want to start do it, But I dont know how.
How do I start? Can I have some tips?
Anything will help! Thank you!
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    First Pick 1 niche to focus on. Examples of top performing niches: Internet Marketing/Make Money Online, Health, Self Help, and Dating.

    Next, find some products to promote in your niche by searching Clickbank or other affiliate networks.

    After you have decided on a niche and found some products to promote, you should focus on building an optin list around that niche by giving away a free report about something in your chosen niche.

    You can then create follow up emails via your autoresponder that promote the products that you found via Clickbank or the other affiliate networks.

    Note: This is just a synopsys of what you need to do. You will need to learn how to do each step yourself by simply researching how to do them or buying an online course.
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    Originally Posted by Shani Gil View Post

    I'm new to the affiliate marketing, I want to start do it, But I dont know how.
    How do I start? Can I have some tips?
    Anything will help! Thank you!

    - Go to and sign up for free training.

    - Choose one niche to start with which has good products to promote.

    - Learn and implement one traffic generation strategy and only try other methods once you're seeing consistent results with the first.

    - Study email marketing and start building your own email list.

    - Keep learning, and don't be discouraged by the lack of results at first (this is normal when you're new to just about anything).

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    You need to join an affiliate network if you have not.

    When you join an affiliate network and decide the particular product you want to promote, you will automatically get a unique affiliate code with which you promote the product. The affiliate code is unique to you and contains your affiliate ID so that every sale generated through the link is credited to you. Most of the networks will provide the affiliate codes in the form of text or banner or other creatives which can be placed on your website if you have a website or sent to your email list if you have an email list.

    Different networks offers different payment terms as seen below:

    Pay per Sale: The affiliate gets paid a percentage of the sale price when a sale is generated.

    Pay per Click: Here, an affiliate gets paid based on the amount of visitors that are redirected to the merchant site via the affiliate link. The affiliate gets paid, whether a sale is generated or not.

    Pay per Lead: The affiliate gets paid when the referred visitor successfully fills a contact form on the merchant site.

    Some tips
    1.Only select a number of Good Products
    2.Research the Demand of the Product
    3.Use a number of Traffic Source to Promote Products. Master one traffic source before moving to another
    4.Test, Measure, Track and Tweak Your Campaigns
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    - choose a niche
    - set up a blog to post content regularly
    - prepare some free content to give away to build list
    - promote affiliate offers through autoresponder messages
    - drive traffic to your landing page.

    I have some free resources here that you can refer to.
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    There is some great advice in this thread. Do you know which traffic source(s) you are interested in using yet?
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    We can divide this process into some parts:
    1. Becoming an affiliate:
    - Sell what you know:
    - Start a website relevant to your niche;
    - research affiliate programs;
    - join an affiliate program;
    2. Marketing products on your website:
    - Add affiliate links in your content;
    - include visual adds in your sidebar;
    - continue producing content relevant to your niche;
    - use analytics to measure your success;
    3. Managing your business:
    - prepare for taxes;
    - expand your business;
    - delegate routine tasks;
    - automate what you can.
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    Go to Jvzoo, Clickbank, and CJ Affiliates for starters. There are many other affiliate marketing platforms to promote products. You can also apply for Amazon Affiliate program to promote from Amazon's marketplace.

    Signup / Register. Then browse around, look at all the products to promote. From their dashboard, look at the products that give good commissions. Then decide a plan to promote their products. Some places like CJ Affiliates provides banner ads to help get you started.

    Learn more about Affiliate Marketing on YouTube. But don't sign up for anything the video recommends. Most of the information should be free.
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    To add to the finding a niche market part of this, try to find a niche that is a balance of a passion/interest of yours and that money can be made in.
    If you just go where the money is, you'll become disinterested and fed up quite quickly and your customers will also realise that you don't really know what you're talking about.
    Free Video Course
    How To Sell Affiliate Products
    Find out how you can get instant traffic to an affiliate offer and be making sales within an hour!
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    Now take all those great responses above and apply them to a recurring product/service and get paid many times from the same amount of effort instead of once. For example people online will always need hosting and other tools. That is a great place to start.

    There are new people coming online each and every day.


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    Just go google and find your problem.
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    Start off in Google and Youtube. Part of succeeding in this business is knowing how to do research. This is what you are doing now is research.

    You can also use the search feature in this forum and search with keywords to get all past threads and post on the matter. Everything you need.
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    join as affiliate is easy.

    the hardest part which all IM face which I " believe " is convert traffic to buyers.

    sometimes you can have target traffic..or a big list ....

    and you have find a good niche to affiliate ..but sometimes ....people will not buy ...
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    As already mentioned above by other members, I would suggest searching this forum a bit more for your answers. There is a wealth of valuable information on this subject. When you find some useful tips and advice, copy the best ones down and work through the list.step by step. It really isn't that difficult when you break it all down and follow this method.
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    I would advise you to start reading other topics here, not just starting new threads every single day (if not a few times per day)... You have a lot of different questions, if I were you, I would ask a much more specific question, like which affiliate marketing program is the best for a specific niche

    A blog that will show you How to Lose Weight with a cool Quick Weight Loss guide...
    Also enjoy some of my favorite Funny pictures and photos that will make you smile :)

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    Hey all!
    Thank you very much for all your suggestions, its a bit hard for me because of my language barrier but i'm taking your suggestions and i'm doing my research from the webs you guys wrote, thank you
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    Originally Posted by Shani Gil View Post

    I'm new to the affiliate marketing, I want to start do it, But I dont know how.
    How do I start? Can I have some tips?
    Anything will help! Thank you!
    Affiliate marketing is simple, and one of the biggest assets that you can have so that you get alot of sales is a large email list. I suggest you pick up some free courses in the War Room to get you started. Obviously we can't give you a full description of what to do here in a few simple posts. It's a learning curve, and since you're new, you're going to have to do it also. Use the search bar at the top. It's your friend. And also learn from sites like Affilorama too.
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    Im newbie too ! Difficult to me is how to get link affiliate ?! Vender often dont belive newbie then they dont want share link affiliate to newbie.
    Can you give me and newbies some advice ?
    Thank you !
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    A common misstep of those new to affiliate marketing is to target a broad swath of the most popular and lucrative products and services, making it nearly impossible to generate enough relevant, sustainable traffic to consistently compete.
    Traffic the is most important part to get success in Affiliate marketing. You can use Facebook Ads to bring traffic to your promotion. Customize you Ads on the basis of your targeted traffic.

    Do you want to get access to a simple method that will allow you to earn First Affiliate Commission ?Get the exact step-by-step method designed to transform you into a super affiliate!

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