Do you need a separate domain name for your blog?

by zsolt
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I am planning to set up a site (it's in the dating niche) in a few weeks. However, I also want setup a blog for the site where I will post news about my site, tips, articles, and other usuful stuff.

The main purpose of the blog will be attract a traffic channel. I mean the blog (by its nature) will probably rank better in the search engines than the main site. People may find out about the blog first, read some stuff there (mind you, I plan to post usuful, quality stuff there) and then hopefully click on the links that lead to the main site (which is a membership site).

My question is: Am I better off registering a separate domain name for the blog? Or shall I just install the blog under the main site?

Like this:

The blog will contain posts both about the main site (updates, news, etc), but also more general stuff, tips, revews, etc. So, there are really two target groups for this blog: my customers and prospective customers. That's why I don't know if I should install it under its own domain name, or just create a directory under the main site.

What would you recommend from a marketing, branding point of view?

Thank you!
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  • Profile picture of the author Ralf Skirr
    It's not a matter of life and death, but I would put everything on 1 domain.

    From a branding point of view it's okay to have the static content and blog content on the same domain, it makes it even easier to get recognition for that domain name. People don't have to remember 2 domains for 1 business.

    It is also easier to promote 1 domain than 2 domains. You will have the SEO benefits of your blog plus you can direct all promotions for your static pages to the same domain.

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    All I can say is use your main domain as an optin page and then use /blog for the blog domain.
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  • Profile picture of the author Josh Fulfer
    I've tried both and found that like most everyone else is saying here that using /blog works best.
    Of course it really depends on what you are doing and going to be using it for but just in general I've found that /blog is best.
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    • Profile picture of the author zsolt
      Thanks guys!

      I am familiar with WordPress, built a few sites with it actually. So, I will definetely use WP for my blog. Also, I won't host it on sites like for the reasons you already mentioned. Lack of control and functionality (you can't install plugins).

      I have an account at Hostgator. Haven't uploaded anything yet.

      However, it seems I need to be a bit clearer about what I am into.
      I plan to run a dating service. It will be a niche site targeting singles living in a certain city.
      So it's a dating script basically where people can register, fill out their profile, upload pictures, send messages to others, etc.

      My goal is that when someone types certain keywords into Google, they will find my site or my blog (or both) on the first result page. Since blog usually rank better than static sites that's why I thought it would be better to make a separate blog with links to the dating site.

      But maybe it's just as effective (SEO wise) is I put the blog on a subdomain like,, or in a subdirectory like
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  • Profile picture of the author Shon Chris
    Always try to maintain control of your 'digital assets' ....virtual real estate.
    Very important.

    Shon C.

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    • Profile picture of the author zsolt
      I agree. That's why I want to host my blog myself, not on or blogger.
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      • Profile picture of the author Ricter
        If's home page is an opt-in page, and the blog is the default page of, can't people just go directly to your blog without opting in?

        - For your import/export/customs questions or problems, send PM.

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        • Profile picture of the author zsolt
          The homepage won't be an opt-in page. It will be a regular, old-fashioned dating site. With members photos, login form, registration link, etc.
          Yes, they could go directly to the blog, but that's no problem at all. I want as many people to reach my blog as possible.
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