What I learned: some tips on how to build your own bootstrapped Kindle book publicity system

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Professional publishing houses manage to sell a large amount of books consistently because they have in-house publicity staff. These are public relations professionals, media outreach experts, and other highly-skilled staff.

If you are the typical Kindle publisher, you don’t have the resources to build your own in-house book publicity infrastructure. With that said, you can get somewhat close to the results professional book promotions staff gets. Here are just some tips on how to do that.

Hire a virtual assistant to do blogger outreach

It doesn’t matter what niche or genre you typical write on, you will find blogs and websites that focus on that same content category. These websites and blogs are natural sources of publicity for your book. The best part is that they won't consider you a spammer if you reach out to them and give them an advance copy of your book. If anything you create a win-win situation because they publish content that their existing fan base is interested in and they help you by promoting your link.

If done properly, blogger outreach can help you brand your offer platform very effectively with very little money.

Find influence leaders on social media

There are lots of influence leaders on social media that deal with your particular genre or niche. These people actually need you more than you need them. I know this is hard to believe, but for these people to maintain their credibility they have to constantly crank out on-topic content.

If you publish promotional content on your blog hyping up your books, these people might want to publish your stuff. Of course, you can't just publish a blog post that outright spams your stuff, that’s not going to fly. Instead, pick a particular subtopic that your book covers and expand on that.

Offer real value and you'd be surprised as to how many social media superstars would love to link to your blog post. Your blog post, in turn, links to your books on the Kindle platform.

Get interviewed

This tip actually flows out of the tip I just outlined above. If you're able to do social media outreach or blogger outreach, the next logical step is to get interviewed. If they think that you're credible or authoritative enough, it's not that hard to talk them into interviewing you.

The best part is that it's really cheap and easy content for them. Why? You provide the content. You basically come up with a prewritten interview, get them to sign off and all they need to do is just publish on their blog. Of course, when they publish your content it will contain a link either to your book on Amazon or your squeeze page for any freebies that you're giving away in connection to your book.

I hope you guys found these tips helpful. They definitely helped me get an edge in my efforts to promote my Kindle books.
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