What's needed to get a merchant account / Authorize.net outside the USA?

by add2it
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Hi mates,

Got a question that I am sure I am not the first that needs this, but I haven't found an answer to this yet.

How does it exactly work to setup a merchant account / Authorize.net for the use in the BFM script (1-click upsell) for people like me that are located outside the USA (e.g. Australia or Monaco based IM'ers)?

Any tips and pointers would be appreciated.
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    Yep..Does anyone know how we can get an Authorize.net account if we don't live in the USA or don't have a company there? Is there someone, or a service that handles this for us?

    Thanks Warriors

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    Hi Frank & Colin:

    First, have you tried contacting Authorize.net directly to speak with an account rep?

    From my past experience of getting merchant accounts in the USA, you'll need to have a USA company set up, plus a USA citizen as the majority owner (51% or more) of that company. The USA partner will also need to have a good credit history.

    That's the way most merchant account processors will want it. There are a few around that may not make this requirement but there processing fee's etc are outrageous.

    I maybe totally wrong but that's been my experiences with USA merchant accounts as a foreigner. Hope this helps a little bit. Hit me up if you need more info.

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    For most merchant accounts you'll need to be in the USA, but for authorize.net you can be from just about anywhere because they are just the gateway. As long as your merchant provider suppots them, you can use authorize.net.
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