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I am trying to use jvzoo as a seller, unfortunately they're asking me to deposit $100 in my paypal account. I have contacted support and they replied as below:

Please note that you can't have a $0 balance. We have had many cases where Vendors can't make sales when they have a $0 balance and all attempts at purchases were auto reversed. This was resolved by adding a balance to their Paypal account. Therefore you will need to keep $100 in your Paypal account. There is nothing JVzoo can do about this but it may be something you want to discuss with Paypal to see if they have plans to change that limitation as previously advised.

Does e-junkie dong same thing? or any other similar asking us to deposit $100 first in paypal?

I guess here many of you guyz are using as a jvzoo seller, how you doing?
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    It's a paypal policy. So...If e-junkie uses paypal , then you will have the same issue.
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    Interesting question. I'm about to start using jvzoo so I'm interested in this as well. I did a quick search and I found this reply:

    They do that if you you withdraw money from sales too often and too soon. They have to pay back the refunds that you're extracting away from your account quickly.

    This happens especially on accounts that have had a number of refunds in the past - you need to keep money in your account to make Paypal feel that you are buffering against eventual refunds.

    I always keep sales in the account for a while to show Paypal that I am committed to my clients and will not pose a risk of loss either to my clients or to them.

    In either case you need to direct your questions to Paypal directly - they're your friends - let them know you are theirs!
    Here's the thread: http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...100-jvzoo.html

    Is your paypal account new? Or have you gotten a lot of refund requests?
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    It's PayPal protecting themselves from new, or suspect accounts so the company isn't left hanging for a bunch of chargebacks / refunds after the seller has fled the scene.

    Welcome to the problems of online sales caused by a massive number of scammers - especially in the IM field. (There are almost 15,000 customer emails in JVZoo banned globally or by at least 2 vendors largely due to refund abuse.)

    The good news is once your PayPal account has aged, had a good number of transactions, and been refund free (less than 2%) a funding floor should no longer be required.

    A service like JVZoo makes it easy to quickly run a lot of orders through PayPal because every transaction, even without an affiliate, generates a payment to JVZ.

    At least JVZoo is working hard to protect your PayPal selling account. Other services let those 15,000 banned accounts keep ripping off sellers and damaging their PayPal account profiles.

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    If JVzoo is an essential part of your business, then put $100 in your Paypal account. Trust me, you will lose alot more money before you get successful compared to the silly $100 deposit.

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    This policy makes sense for everyone involved. PayPal is not the only one who gets caught out if your refund amount exceeds your account balance. If you are an affiliate and you are promoting a product and receiving instant commission, the vendor will need to pull back the commission in the case of a refund. If the vendor cannot get back the commission because your account is overdrawn, I would assume the vendor would then be on the hook for that money. In turn, if the vendor does not have the money in their account to cover the amount, PayPal would then be out the money. You can't blame them, really. Nobody is in business to lose money.

    Also, if you are going to run a legitimate online business, I would think you want to keep at least $100 in your PP account. Personally, I keep a minimum of $500 in my account at all times because I promote a lot of products as an affiliate, and I usually have more than 500 transactions per month plus all of my expenses for my business are automatically paid using my PP account. I wouldn't want to default on any payments for important business tools such as hosting, autoresponder, domains, etc.

    Also, it's a good idea to help establish trust between you and PP, especially if you have a new account.
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