How do i make money from this blog?

by coxmg
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Hey guys ive got a blog its about taxi driving in NYC.

Craziest NYC Taxi Stories

What are some good ways to increase traffic to my site? Cheap is a plus, i dont have a lot of funds for investment.

Once i get the traffic, how do i monetize it?

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      Pretty spot on from @funnel.. I would add that I would be looking for Uber, Lyft and other riding sharing services to purchase ad space and start to blog about them or vice versa. I think there is a niche and some rewards out there for someone willing to do it. You could also leverage that on Taxi companies and tell them you can start to drive traffic for their brands. It would definitely have to start from a local basis at first.
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    Thanks a lot. question how do i create an email list on a blogspot blog? theres probably a way to do that for free.
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    Heres another question. Listen to this guys, some people from NYC asked me to be on TV, do you guys think that would help promote the site? that might be a crazy idea.
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    Do you know your demographics?
    How much traffic are you getting?
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    I'm only getting a few hundred unique visitors a month, nothing about demographics. Actually im a bit shy but have been contacted by MTV to do a reality show, also Der Spiegel german televison network, New York Mag, The taxi workers alliance for a PSA announcement, Breakthrough Radio and NBC today show, all of which I turned down because I did not want to "out" myself.
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  • Aside from what was already suggested, for traffic generation, try to market to social media sites. You can make your own Facebook page account for this for example. You may also look into SEO- on how to get your website on the top pages of the search results. As on how to monetize your website- look into Adwords or perhaps provide advertising service on your website.
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    Top ways to earn from your blog:

    Affiliate Advertisement: Affiliate advertisement is one of the best ways to make money since a single sale will make 10-100$ for you.

    Referral Income: Most of the advertisement programs like Chitika, infolinks and many others have to pay per referral program. Depend on advertisement program you are using, you can look for referral program and refer your readers to that program.

    Direct Advertisement: No doubt AdSense is best advertisement program for bloggers but again it has some limitations like you will not get paid 100% from advertisers and AdSense keep a great cut in between. If you manage to grab direct advertisements, replace AdSense with direct advertisements. You can try buysellads for direct advertisements.

    Create and sell eBook: If you will notice the business model of most of the top internet marketer, most of them sell eBooks. For Bloggers like you and me, it's easier to create eBook by using your existing blog content. All you need to do is, pick a topic, compile an eBook on that topic and put it on sale on your blog or on Amazon.

    Paid reviews: Paid reviews are again a great way to boost your monthly income report. You can quickly make anything above 10$ for a small review post.

    Services: Start running your own set of services. Depending on what are you good at, like you can start content writing services, start logo creation services and so on.

    Source: How to Earn Money From Your Blog in 2016 (Not my site, not an affiliate link, no BS) Just Thought it would be helpful.
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