Setting up a *paid* helpdesk for my customers?

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Hey all

I keep getting emails from customers who purchase my products, asking for extra help.

I find myself spending a lot of time sending out personalised replies via email.

Does anyone here have any experience setting up a paid system, where customers can pay to have their questions answered?

I know that Mike Geary from the Truth About Abs doesn't do personalised email replies. His autoresponder emails have a "do not reply" notice at the bottom. I guess he realizes his time is better spent focusing on product development and marketing.

Technical support request will be free of course, so I won't charge them for not being able to access the product or something.

Thanks in advance.
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    Vision Helpdesk offers a billing system within their help desk:

    They offer the ability to setup pre or post paid plans, setting different rates per department and so on.
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    Depends a little bit on what your clients are paying and what you promise them in the sales letter.

    If you're in a niche that requires technical help for instance, you could add that as a service, increase the price and offer customized help to your clients.

    You can let them opt in on that as well, not everyone will need help and guidance but those who do, should pay your for the extra service. In my experience, many are happy to pay extra and know you're there for them.
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