"Seat Licensing" for lead generators?

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I was listening to a game on the radio the other day, and the announcers started talking about "seat licensing" for the team's new stadium.

For those who aren't familiar with seat licensing, teams raise additional revenue by making season ticket holders pay for the right to buy tickets.

For example, you have season tickets you like in a very favorable location. For American football, think 50-yard line about ten rows up. You want the same seats next season. Before you can buy those tickets, you have to pay the team a "seat license" to specify which seats you wish to buy. Without the license, you either get whatever tickets might be available, or you get shut out.

My thought is to apply this concept to lead generation. Buyers of the leads would be able to purchase a license to receive exclusivity for a given area, say all the zip codes around their physical location or all the leads from a certain article or page.

The buyer would still pay a given fee for each lead, but the license would lock out direct competitors.

Absent the license, leads could be sold either in rotation or to multiple competitors.

I'm posting this here for comments, suggestions, holes, etc.

Thanks in advance for your input...
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