What is a good honest company to handle your online credit card purchases?

by kevs1
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I was with BA/ first data, but BA was quietly raising my percentage every 6 months until it hit 5%. I quit and went with Citi First Data, and Payeezy, but their statements (First Data) are opaque and almost impossible to read/ decipher?

Is there a transparent, honest company out there, at a good rate one can recommend?
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    In my experience, most of them are pretty bad and you will read horror stories and bad reviews for pretty much all of them. I found the best ones are the big banks in your country who offer merchant accounts with same day settlements. There is more bureaucracy involved to get set up with them, but you get your money faster and I find it's harder for people to commit chargebacks and fraud against you.
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    These are helpful sites:


    Compare Merchant Accounts and Credit Card Processing Companies

    Also, I agree with phenomix about going through a large bank.

    We use Key Bank, a large regional or national bank, and they have not ever raised fees and they give us straight answers/excellent service when we talk to their credit card processing department. They use Elavon for their card processing, but Key Bank is setting the policies and procedures and providing the card processors ...

    , a large

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    paypal payments pro with gateway


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    AuthorizeNet is the biggest and has been around for 20 years. I used them for a good chunk of that time. I also offer PayPal as an alternative and over the past few years the majority of my purchasers have selected PayPal.
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    Paypal is probably the best you can get
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    You won't find a better, safe and secure processor than PayPal.
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    Thanks will review, question, does anyone know First Data? They seem to dominate merchant service, they were the statement makers for both BA and now Citi/ Payeezy. Do these alternatives use someone else? I cannot read / understand their statement. Total obfuscation.
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    Paypal, can you key in on web, and how much does that cost? How are statements? For all these recommendations I'd love to know the percentage and how statements look, and if there is a web / desktop- laptop interface. Still curious if anyone else has dealt with First data statements. Those crazy unreadable statements are the reason that made me create this thread!
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    IMO, Paypal may not be the best option if you're a regular business. It still scares some people off and there aren't that many fortune 500's that offer it as the only checkout on their site.

    For me, I've gotten good rates with my local bank. Are they the absolute cheapest? No, However, they're competitive and one of the cheapest and when anything goes wrong I have a real live human being that I can talk with, knows who I am etc etc. I still think that's worth something and if you have any local bank, it's worth a visit to the branch to see what they offer-

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    I personally like Paypal and 2checkout. Google checkout used to be a favorite of mine until they closed, and i never trusted Amazon payments. Authorizenet is a well known company, you should consider them too. But all in all, Paypal gives you alot of flexibility. Also consider 1shoppingcart.
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      Thanks, at some point I'm going to review these options: but I would love to know if someone else has dealt with First Data Statements. That was my original gripe/ issue for posting.
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    Try Helcim (my current employer)

    We are known for transparent pricing, complete disclosure of fees and rates online, and flexible accounts so you're never stuck in any long-term agreements.

    A few great places to find reviews on these companies (Some like merchantmaverick will have 00's of comment from real verified customers):

    Credit Card Processing Review 2016 - TopTenREVIEWS
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