How to start affiliate marketing?

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Over the 3 years ,I am working on SEO, Now I came to know that people earn money with affiliate marketing and in this time I would like to involve in affiliate marketing but I don't know where to start. Experience people help me please.
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    A good start would be to search the forum. This exact question has been asked and answered a bunch of times.

    If you are looking for a course, has a pretty good beginners course that is free.

    After you do some research on your own and decide the path you want to take, let us know if you run into other questions.

    If you do come back for more questions, it would be helpful to give as much information as possible about what you are doing, what you've tried, where you are stuck, etc.

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      Originally Posted by Mark Singletary View Post

      If you are looking for a course, has a pretty good beginners course that is free.
      This^^ And when you get to affilorama look for the sign up to get the 2 free reports "The Five Step Forumula" and "Earn Piles of Cash"


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    You could always try social media as a 'test' and see how it performs for you, facebook ads are great, posting in niche related groups is even better as its free, just make sure not to spam the groups, build up a relationship and go from there
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    First you need to use the search feature of this forum as well as google and youtube and spend some time researching instead of asking a simple question!

    All SEO is is a traffic strategy or marketing method so if your any good at it then you can use that for your affiliate marketing. In a nutshell all affiliate marketing is is when we get paid a commission or part of a sale when a visitor enters a business that you recommended and makes a purchase. You don't sell or anything. You just send traffic and you the affiliate help that traffic convert when it lands on the well written sales page.
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    Whatever you do, build a list from the start. Build it and keep it engaged and you'll have a good source to monetize, regardless if you do affiliate marketing or even create your own products later down the road.
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    start with solo ads bro
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    Just as katrim said above, start by creating a squeeze page to build a list of subscribers. If you're short of cash then you can create a squeeze page using Weebly or Yola where they'll host your page for you. For your autoresponder, go to where you can get a free account and start building your list of subscribers absolutely free.

    I hope these will get you started. Good luck

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    Hey man, the best way to start is to really sub niche down and then start building an audience around yourself. At the core of that audience will be a very targeted email list.

    Work on your email marketing so that you can be effective.

    By niching down you really promote faster growth.

    When you promote products, look for things that actually inspire and would help you.

    DO get review access to products, reach out to the product vendor on facebook and by email and let them know your plan of attack for affiliate promotion.

    If you cannot afford to get a website then start a youtube channel. There is no faster way to build trust and authority with a very targeted audience.

    I could go on and on man but yeah to get started...

    1. pick a sub-niche

    2. pick an affiliate platform (clickbank, jvzoo, wplus)

    3. learn to pre-condition and pitch

    4. learn to drive traffic from just one place at first

    5. learn how to sustain your operation with an email list.

    Hope that helps brother.

    Kam (aka ZeroFatz)
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    Originally Posted by mabdullah View Post

    Over the 3 years ,I am working on SEO, Now I came to know that people earn money with affiliate marketing and in this time I would like to involve in affiliate marketing but I don't know where to start. Experience people help me please.
    Affiliate marketing is simple, and one of the biggest assets that you can have so that you get alot of sales is a large email list. I suggest you pick up some free courses in the War Room to get you started. Obviously we can't give you a full description of what to do here in a few simple posts. It's a learning curve, and since you're new, you're going to have to do it also. Use the search bar at the top. It's your friend. And also learn from sites like Affilorama too.
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    Watch video tutorials on youtube and read a lot of articles and blogs about affiliate marketing. You must know the basic of affiliate marketing. I also found out that there are some threads on this forum that could be really helpful.
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    If you have on idea about affiliate, I suggest you to read few articles and YouTube videos on Affiliate Marketing. It will help you to clear your basic concept. The most important part of affiliate marketing is Product selection and promotion. Before you select your product you must do some market research. Try to select the product which is offering high commission rate. Then use Facebook Ads and Solo Ads to bring traffic to your product. Both of these are useful methods of generating traffic in Affiliate marketing.

    Do you want to get access to a simple method that will allow you to earn First Affiliate Commission ?Get the exact step-by-step method designed to transform you into a super affiliate!

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    Start a blog about something you like, you can build a business from any niche. Once you have your niche create valuable content for your readers and generate traffic from social media, be active and join big groups to share your content and engage with other people with the same passion as you.

    When you see some results, you can create an email list offering something for free in exchange of their emails so you can promote some products from other people to get commissions but try to provide help and good content as well there not only promotions.

    Your email list will be your best tool in your business, always look for more and to get better writing emails.

    To start with you can find a lot of good groups on social media where you can exchange comments per comments, likes per likes, etc to give a little life to your new stuff.

    You will be learning a lot while doing it and these simple things are what you should be doing, it will take some time but this will be a long term business.
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    Start with choosing a niche (topic/field) in which you are good at and interested in. It's nonsense if you choose a niche where you think it converts well, but you have absolute no interest in it. If there's a niche, which really interests you, but you have no idea about it then EDUCATE yourself. You have to become an expert in your field or else they won't follow you.

    Second of all, you need to know which offer. When it comes down to offer you also need to know, which one converts well. I would say one that is competitive (an indicator that is a good quality)

    Third of all, having your system in place, funnel. You need to have a system behind all of what you are doing. Basically, having your blog, sending out emails, building connection...all of that is your engine, your funnel.

    Last but not least you worry about traffic. Lowest hanging fruit is social media. If you are willing to pay, which you will once you have grown your business. Solo ads, buying clicks from affiliate network such as clickpromise, ads, ppc.

    I have a channel on affiliate marketing, go check it out if you want to know more.
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    If you really want to succeed with affiliate marketing, know this:

    It takes money to make money online.

    Free marketing takes time and it can FRUSTRATE the heck out of you cause it can take you MONTHS before you see any real results.

    If you want fast results, you should not hesitate to invest in marketing and find out what works for you and what doesn't.
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    Originally Posted by mabdullah View Post

    Over the 3 years ,I am working on SEO, Now I came to know that people earn money with affiliate marketing and in this time I would like to involve in affiliate marketing but I don't know where to start. Experience people help me please.
    ok, you can join to the Jvzoo/ Amazon/ Ebay or, any others site like these at free of cost. then choose the products which products you want to work. then you will get a unique link.past this link anywhere to generate traffic. If anyone buy the goods by using your link, you will get a commission. Do I make you understand?
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    There is a big world outside of the IM/MMO niche.

    I heavily promote PPL(pay per lead)offers because there is no credit card required to complete an offer. All a user has to do is fill out a form to make money, so conversion rates are typically much higher than offers that requires a sale.. I also promote free sign-ups and free trials(+s&h). While free trials are 100% free, the users is often getting something that would of had an upfront cost of like $50-$60 and just pays $4.99 or so in s&h, so conversion rates can still be pretty good.

    I also promote some limited number of offers that do require a purchase, but mainly I target freebie seekers, which there are a lot of them. Free offers just tend to have the most mass appeal and are simply easier to convert. I'm just taking the path of least resistance to get conversions($$$). Been doing it for over 16 years and it still works.

    Something to consider.
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    For me it was easy as starting a simple blog. And then growing it with fresh, unique content and lacing it with CPA and Adsense.

    I think it is one way to break in Aff. Marketing and it is not an exorbitant amount of money to start.

    - Robert Andrew
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    Affilorama is a great place to start if you want to learn step-by-step how to make money with affiliate marketing.
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    Originally Posted by mabdullah View Post

    Over the 3 years ,I am working on SEO, Now I came to know that people earn money with affiliate marketing and in this time I would like to involve in affiliate marketing but I don't know where to start.
    You're going to need to know where YOU want to start.

    What platforms do you like?

    What niche are you looking into?

    What types of offers do you want to promote?

    At least figure that part out first, then you can actually get some high quality answers.
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    My advice is if you are going to make money through affiliate marketing, always make sure you have your own custom funnel where you are giving out your own custom lead magnet, then inside that lead magnet you recommend the affiliate product you are promoting.

    Always collect email addresses and build your list. Most people make the mistake of not building their own list, they are just focused on quick cash and are not thinking long term.

    You need to be the first point of contact before your traffic gets to the affiliate links you are promoting, always think lorn term.

    On top of the tips shared by other folks here, I just thought I could add this.

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  • I recommend you to go through YouTube tutorials and some articles on Affiliate Marketing. You need to research and create a list of website you want to be affiliate for, contact those companies to get permission of affiliation with them. Once you get affiliation, you can use a good marketing strategy to drive traffic though landing page. You will start getting paid when a customer enters a business recommended by you and complete a transaction.
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