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Just out of curiosity has anyone ever actually sold anything using free classifieds? I haven't had much luck getting sales from them,but have recruited a few members of my down line with them. In my experience people either ask questions that are already answered in the ads themselves, or they try to reverse it and sell or offer you something often under the guise of being interested in what you have to offer.
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    Do you mean like household items, or marketing related? If so yes, and yes. Tens of thousands of dollars made via craigslist and others, also sold some fences and what not before on CL.
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    In my opinion Classified sites used to be able to generate sales. Nowadays, these sites have grown weary of 'marketers' and do everything they can to make it difficult.

    I recently decided to run a few ads on Gumtree only to find out that most of the categories are now 'paid' and no longer free.

    You can give it go and see if it works for you though.

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    Classifieds worked really well a couple of years ago, but not anymore.There are more effective ways like blogging for instance.
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    If you are talking about online classified sites I'd have to say Yeah. I know a few people still making a bit of money on Craig's.

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    Craigslist is still incredibly effective for leads and email driven campaigns. I know guys that bank $x,xxx per day, even $xx,xxx with some clever "grey-hat" at best tactics. You know the type: "5 wii games for sale $50", then the user emails them, they have an autoresponder that says "hey, the games are sold, but I'd recommend you check out (affiliate link) for unlimited wii downloads for $50".

    Those types are great. Not to mention the sleazy "e-whore" or job listing types, these are too "bait and switch" for my liking.
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      In a way classified ads contribute to the traffic. It may not be very effective but it has certain aspects that is helpful for money making. Although it is an old fashion way of advertising it is still useful.
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    Yep, i do make money with craigslist, and will continue to for a very long time.

    I do it creatively with ebay and craigslist.

    I don't like selling on craigslist much (don't care to really, and it's more work to me than it's worth), but I do BUY from craigslist and sell on ebay.

    Occasionally I'll SELL on CL, but it's rare.

    Just depends on how you approach it
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      Yes you can make oney through classified ads as through this you can get lot of visitors to your site which definitely increases probablity of clicks that results in increase in your revenue.

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    So far after promoting some things on Craig's list, I've been offered six jobs and seven business opportunities from people who treated me like I was destitute for trying to sell products using free classifieds. Some others just don't seem to grasp the concept that I'm a third party seller, selling other people's products via a website, and insist on sending a check/money order to my address or coming to see/sample items that I don't actually have in my possession.

    Many asked Do you want to make money online? I should have responded by saying that that's what I'm trying to do. You can't help but laugh at some of these responses. Six different people supposedly have the exact same rags to riches story about how at one time they were in my sitution.
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      I agree with you, i recived a lot of funny answers,like:do you need money?,are you looking for a job? i didnĀ“t spend any time answering them.
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    I recommend using craigslist to build an email list. Think outside the box, but DO NOT use blackhat techniques. What's the point of building a business when you have to use blackhat techniques to make it work?
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    Craigslist is becoming much harder to sell on, but I'm having good success with and
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      Originally Posted by BrandonBourne View Post

      Craigslist is becoming much harder to sell on, but I'm having good success with and
      Have you ever tried using AdLandPro? One good way to get visitors converting to sales is by building confidence in them through your ad copy with related keywords in that niche(product or service).
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  • I watched a video about how to post stealth CL ads. 30 minutes of training, 20 steps per ad. Or spend $5 on adwords and buy targeted leads. i find people on CL & others to be tirekickers (all the power to them). That's why they visit those sites. No point building a list off free sites. You end up finding all the psycho's = long term torture.
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