Can yahoo answers be a passive traffic source?

by Challe77 10 replies
What is your experience with yahoo answers, have you found it to be a passive sources of free traffic?

What I mean is, have you found that old answers give you some good traffic or does only regular new questions answered provide regular traffic?

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    I think it can. Several times I've googled something and Yahoo answers ranked high in the search results. Often times the answer is quite dated.

    Hope this helps

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    Yahoo answers seem to rank really well.It´s also very easy to get banned from there.They have very strict rules about posting so it pays to read the TOS before using Yahoo answers.

    Tom Lindstrom

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    Yes I have talked to several people who say they get good traffic off yahoo answers, although just tommen said they are really strict

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    I get traffic from old and new answers at yahoo answers. The bad thing is that some marketers are abusing it.
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    Give a short and vague answer and a badly disguised affiliate link and the next day you will be history!
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    It gives steady traffic when you do it on a constant basis.

    The only thing is that you don't want to send people to spammy sites.

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      I'm still getting a little traffic from 2-year-old answers.

      But it is really easy to get banned, and they're extremely inconsistent about enforcing their "Community Guidelines." Some blatant marketers seem to persist forever, while helpful members who link only to their own sites can get banned in a second.

      I think it has a lot to do with complaints. And guess who's most likely to register complaints against legitimate marketers? Spammy competitors.

      Plus, there's no recourse once your account is banned. I had a really senior level account that was banned. I wrote repeatedly to customer service asking for reinstatement, asking for escalation, finally asking for a simple explanation of why I was banned. The only reply I ever got was that their decision was final and could not be reviewed.

      That's why I don't visit Yahoo Answers any more.

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    I just started on Yahoo answers last night. I am sending people directly to my blog with the few links I have included plus the one in my sig.

    I figured since my site was focused on answering real world questions for people about small business that section of Answers was a shoe in fit for me

    I will see if I get any traffic from it. If nothing else it gives me ideas to write about in my blog.
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      I won't use Yahoo answers anymore. Never had my account banned but I've had about half of my answers deleted. Even after providing a great answer and getting selected as "best answer".

      It just takes one ass wipe that doesn't like the fact that you put a link in the reference box (where you're allowed to put them) to have your carefully crafted, informative answer removed.

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