Why dot com secret is free?

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Definetely I can not find the catch in it, the hard book dot com secret is being giving away for free only asking for the shipping cost, as well as the anik signal book.

Why are they doing so?

if millions of people ask for a copy for free how do they cover the printing cost of those books??
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    Probably it;s because they have some plans. For sure they wan't to increase their popularity. They are going to build large email list, which they will be able to use in the future for promoting their other products or services.
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    I expect the $7.95 "shipping" also covers about $5 in printing costs. Still not a bad deal if you don't mind your email and address info being added to lists. The seller is list building for future promotions - it's called 'marketing' and he's really good at it.

    You can buy the Kindle version for about $8.50 without sharing personal info.

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    That's an investment, simple as that. A lot of people are doing the same because it make great results.
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    It's basic freebie first then upsell.

    They will contact you via email or send you something via post to make you buy more.


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    Like the others above have said, they are definitely list building.
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    Just plain good Marketing and offering incredible Value

    - Robert Andrew
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    Originally Posted by fernelis2009 View Post

    if millions of people ask for a copy for free how do they cover the printing cost of those books??

    They now have the contact information for all those who requested a "free" copy.

    By following up with those people via email and other means (such as direct mail), they can promote their products/services and make sales on the back-end.

    Simply put, they "lose" money at the front of their marketing funnel and they make a profit on the follow-up.

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    It's called a loss leader.

    Most affiliates have a mindset that practically demands that they include an affiliate link in anything that they do, and seem to find it hard to understand the concept of investing a little up front, for a much bigger payday next week.

    You see this in the reticence of new affiliates to build a list. You see it in the unwillingness of many of the more seasoned affiliates to nurture that list and take the time to build a relationship with their list.

    Successful affiliates are more likely to have developed a longer termed approach to running their affiliate marketing business, and product creators (i.e. Russell Brunson) will take these methods to even greater extremes.

    Real world example...
    Today, I went to the mailbox and found a blue box from Proctor & Gamble (makers of Gillette products).

    Inside was 1) a Gillette Fusion Proglide manual razor with FlexBall technology (retail price about $10 plus $6 shipping) with one cartridge and a AAA battery... and 2) $7 worth of coupons to be used in purchasing more cartridges.

    These were unsolicited gifts! Simply a way to offer a valuable freebie as a way to get me to try their product in the hopes that I would someday purchase more cartridges and become a life-long customer to the tune of about $20 for 4 refill cartridges.

    Sid Hale
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    It's called the 'Free Plus Shipping offer'

    Here is a direct quote from Dot Com Secrets explaining the "catch" & logic:

    "The psychology behind this funnel is amazing. People are more likely to fill out the
    first step because they don't see a long form asking for credit card information. Then once
    they do get to the credit card form, they keep filling it out because their brains are already
    committed to the process. Interestingly, I often find conversions to be higher on step one
    than on a regular email squeeze page, even though I'm asking for an entire shipping
    address instead of just a short email. This is probably because receiving something
    physical in the mail has a higher perceived value than receiving digital information via

    "Free-Plus-Shipping: This is my favorite way to qualify buyers (as you'll see
    in Secret #13). If you create a great product and give it away for free, it is the
    perfect bait and gets one of your products into the hands of a new customer.
    There is no better way than a free-plus-shipping offer to provide value up front
    and get the buyer interested in ascending. I feel like this tactic is the best way to
    find out which of your subscribers are also buyers."

    "Then we started shifting things around and experimented with offering something for
    free. We wanted to see how this new offer would change the metrics and our income. So,
    we splintered off one of the best parts of our product and put it into a form we could ship
    to our customers for free if they'd help cover the shipping costs. We offered to put this
    information on a CD, a DVD, or a book. After people signed up for the free-plus-shipping
    offer, then we'd immediately upsell them on the same $197 product we were trying to sell
    before. I figured I would lose money because I was making people pull out their credit
    cards and buy the free-plus-shipping offer before they even saw the $197 offer. I mean, if
    only one-tenth of potential customers ever even saw the $197 offer, logically I should
    make less money, right?

    Here's what happened: We sent people to the website, and on average, a whopping
    8% of people purchased the free-plus-shipping offer. (Remember, that's up from 1% on
    the original page. And the free-plus-shipping page needed almost NO copy to sell,
    whereas on the original $197 page, we had to include really convincing text to persuade
    people to buy.)

    Now, this is where the magic happens. Because the customer had ALREADY pulled a
    credit card out of their wallet and made a commitment towards the concept we were
    selling, about 25% of free-plus-shipping customers bought the upsell offer. That means we
    made $394 per one hundred visitors, and we got eight new buyers on our list. I almost
    doubled my money and got seven times more customers by adding in a free-plus-shipping
    offer! Pretty cool, huh?
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