how to earn through affiliate marketing

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Affiliate marketing is one way to make money online for those who want to derive an income from their web use.
What technical setup will you need?

A Blog/Website
Attractive English Writing Skills
A Short Report/eBook
An email autoresponder
Targeted traffic

and product that convert from click blank or comission junction or another affiliate sites.
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  • The only technical task you will do in affiliate marketing is building your website, which is optional as you can always do affiliate marketing without one. Of course, having a website of your own has a lot of benefits, especially when you have control over your content. If you want to learn the entire process of setting up your own affiliate website, find a good course about affiliate marketing. You can easily look this up in Google. There are free and paid courses ou there. This will make things more easy for you.
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    You can also do affiliate marketing directly through PPC but it's very costly, not worth it if someone ask me.
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    Hi you can earn doing affiliate marketing if it is done correct. Start with small. When you get results. Rinse and repeat and scale it. It's learning process. I really appreciate that if you have business mindset. Here below I am sharing my way of doing affiliate marketing.

    First of all before starting affiliate marketing we need to understand these things first.

    1. Always have positive mindset, this is very important. We need to believe from our core that affiliate marketing works and we have to make it happen. Say big NO to Negativity.

    2 Always have business mindset (not free) that you have already. Every business needs investment. Whether its small or big, it depends on our size of business and our goal. Investment requires for our own education to learn about the business or affiliate marketing or this investment requires for our business or affiliate marketing to make it run. (I am here talking in the context of affiliate marketing)

    3. Always take action. We don't take action and waste our time thinking whether this will work or not. Stop thinking and start taking action. There are so many articles on blogs and training on you tube that we can learn about affiliate marketing but finally it is we have to take action. No body will come and take action own our behalf. Right.

    In affiliate marketing there are some other points to consider.

    1. Know our Why. Why we want to do affiliate marketing. Everybody knows what to do and how to do but nobody knows Why we are doing?.

    2. Choose a Profitable Niche. Choose a niche which is profitable. There are four evergreen niche we can choose 1. Health it can be anything related to health but weight loss is very lucrative 2. Dating 3. Make Money Online 4. Insurance. There are so many profitable niches or field or sub-niches out there in which we can go according to our taste, interest and passion. It is up-to to us. But above four are broad niches. We can drill-down them. And here mine is make money online.

    3. When we have chosen our niche then we choose a product that solves the problem of people. Choose a product that something we really believe from our core heart that it will solve the problem. Product must have customer support. Product must have great commission. Product must have big competition too, mean to say lots of people selling it. But before promoting any product It would be better to purchase the product first and then come to the conclusion about it. And for that we can go to ClickBank | A Global Internet Retailer, - Instant Commission Platform for Sellers and Affiliates, CJ Affiliate by Conversant (formerly Commission Junction), and ShareASale. For a product to promote we have to go one network out of above said affiliate network and we have to create account. Its a simple process to fill up the form.

    4. After choosing product we need strategic funnel/selling system. We need a true system that works. We need strategy that works. It must have zero resistance point of entry. It must engage visitor. It must have multiple streams of income in a strategic way. System must sell without selling. What comes in strategic funnel/selling system or what we need for this?

    1. Great Product. It must be great product as described in detail above.

    2. Lead magnet. Lead magnet is something valuable related to interest of visitor that we can give away for free in respect of getting name and email or only email of visitor when he lands on our landing page). Lead magnet can be in the shape of ebook, cd, dvd, video training etc. It can be our own or we can outsource it from or some other places.

    3. Landing page or squeeze page. A landing page when a visitor first time lands on our web page. For professional landing page we can go to,, OptimizePress - Create Landing Pages, Sales Pages & Membership Portals — OptimizePress etc. It can be webinar page too.

    Note We also need Thank you page, bonus page or download page. But it depends.

    4. Tracking tool. There are so many out there but I will mention only that I use and that is ClickMagick - Track And Optimize All Your Marketing, All In One Place. Through this tracking tools we can track all over visitors, sale, conversion etc.

    5. Autoresponder. We need autoresponder for automated email follow up sequence and to make a further relation with our customer, lead, client etc. Some of best autoresponders are GetResponse and AWeber.

    6. Targeted Traffic. When we create our landing page then we need targeted traffic that converts. We can divide it into two part.

    1.Paid Traffic. This include PPC (pay per click) such as google adwords, yahoo gamini, bing ppc, facebook ppc (social platform), media buying such as, BidVertiser - Pay Per Click Advertising On Sites Of Your Choice., twitter advertising platform, Instagram advertising, youtube video marketing it can be free too. Solo ad such as Safe-Swaps - email ad swaps
    and Buy Solo Ads | Udimi

    2. Free Traffic. This include SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but it takes time and requires patience. Forum Posting such as which I am doing, etc. Facebook posting, guest blogging, blogging, article marketing. Youtube videos by creating your own.
    Note:- This type of traffic you will have to need when you will choose option 1 in near future.

    Thats it. Always provide immense value to customer, visitor or client, whatever the case. Always keep providing value column first in making strategy to promote product or services. Don't just go and pitch for sale. Help as much as we can. Always be authentic marketer. I hope this will somewhere help you to start earning with affiliate marketing. Best of luck.


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    Thanks this would be helpful for beginners...I got your points...
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    If you want to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing check out this training portal right here:

    There's tons of good information on this forum as well,good luck!
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    A blog is a not a Mandatory option. You can bring good amount of traffic from Facebook and Solo Ads. Facebook is a good source of traffic for Affiliate marketers. You have to use it properly.

    Do you want to get access to a simple method that will allow you to earn First Affiliate Commission ?Get the exact step-by-step method designed to transform you into a super affiliate!

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    First find the topic relevant to affiliates. It will help you a lot to engage better with affiliate marketing. For example, if you create a blog about electronics gadgets or WordPress themes etc. there are most chance of great ROI.. but it is not the case for other topics.
    Showcase: Factorx Domains for Sales || Premium .io Auction
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    I would recommend to try out Udimi affiliate program.
    You will get 15% from each order of your referral and 50% from their sign up payment.
    Both of the payments are recurring and lifetime.
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    Not only from the Blog/Website even A good amount of targeted traffic from the Facebook also really helpful to earn more money from affiliate marketing.

    Choose the products as Top Trending is one more highlighted trick to earn more money.
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    Originally Posted by hichamaziz View Post

    Affiliate marketing is one way to make money online for those who want to derive an income from their web use.
    What technical setup will you need?

    A Blog/Website
    Attractive English Writing Skills
    A Short Report/eBook
    An email autoresponder
    Targeted traffic

    and product that convert from click blank or comission junction or another affiliate sites.
    All of this sounds valid, but what about making money AFTER the customer has paid and you receive your commission? That's only a frontend sale, what about the backend. Honestly you should promote a product that offers recurring commissions for as long as the customer remains in the program/membership.
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  • Thanks for sharing this helpful tips for beginners
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    Originally Posted by hichamaziz View Post

    Affiliate marketing is one way to make money online for those who want to derive an income from their web use.
    What technical setup will you need?

    A Blog/Website
    Attractive English Writing Skills
    A Short Report/eBook
    An email autoresponder
    Targeted traffic

    and product that convert from click blank or comission junction or another affiliate sites.
    I think you know the basics already.

    Focus on each of those and go indepth.
    Having a converting site pays too.
    Another area man have challenge is the traffic aspect.

    You just need to have a good budget and skills to make sales.

    Mind you, some affiliate site may just have product(s) and no ebook.
    That's still fine. But never mess with your email marketing/follow ups.
    They could be the key to affiliate success.
    Grow your social media account, Spotify Streams, YT Views & IG Followers & More
    Software & Mobile APP Developer
    Buy Spotify, Facebook Bot & IG M/S Method
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  • Tips for affiliate marketing are as follows:
    1.) Use some branded and good products as it will attract customers.
    2.)You can use some tips and tricks to promote your products.
    3.)Email techniques can also be used to advertise your products.
    4.)Be updated according to the taste of customers.
    5.)Do research as much as you can .
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    Does ClickBank work now? i tried it and the ads seem to not be updated or seem very blan?

    Find out what Fool Proof system i used to make thousands online

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    How to Make Money Online in 6 Easy Steps:

    1. Create a website or blog
    2. Decide your product/service niche
    3. Find products and services to promote
    4. Affiliate site content
    5. Affiliate sites must attract lots of targeted traffic to succeed
    6. Learn the ropes in forums
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