Mr. Rogers, 6 Minutes, 20 Million and your feelings.

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Hello Warriors,

Today I came across this video which brought tears to my eyes and truly spoke to the powers of persuasion. If you have children or you are product of the last 40 year you will appreciate this video. Without spoiling it for you I have to ask....what would the world have been like if there weren't people like Mr.Rogers, Mr.Dressup or shows like Sesame Street.

Just imagine if your sales copy was this captivating and hypnotic. Imagine making a visitor to your site get goosebumps...feel warm and tingly inside and they just passed you whatever was in their wallet. It's possible and Mr. Rogers proves what well placed words can do. Enjoy. I look forward to your comments.


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    I remember when this video was first posted here about a year ago. It is
    still just as moving today.

    I would venture to guess that he would have made one hell of an Internet
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    It is so true guys! I mean his cadence and tone were melodic and hypnotic. He completely shut down that flippant senator and killed him with kindness such that he had to submit to his will. It was brilliant marketing.

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