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What are some ways I could generate leads for a furniture retailer?
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    Target social media groups first. Join Facebook Groups on anything related to home improvement, etc. Spend some time making a name of yourself in those groups. Also, create your business Group page, then use Facebook Advertising / PPC to get visitors to that Page. Brand your furniture retailer website's URL on this Page's cover on Facebook. Post valuable content up frequently on this page. Make sure there are links back to your website.

    Next, go to Pinterest and follow people with furniture pins. On Pinterest, post up pics of furniture and link them back to your furniture website.
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    Originally Posted by StudentOfTheGame View Post

    What are some ways I could generate leads for a furniture retailer?
    I would re post this in the offline sub section as there are some good experts who could help
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    Seek JVs with apartment rental managers, and real estate agents. Make a contact list of AirB&Bs. Hotels/motels may order multiple items at once.

    Advertise sales and individual items on Craigslist. Get FB and Twitter fans and post pics.

    Donate furniture to local charities and send press releases to contacts at local TV, radio and news papers.

    Use what's known as "frontal marketing". This is where you optimize the outside of the store to draw attention and create branding. Las Vegas casinos are great at this. So is McDonald's with their big golden arches.

    Try FB PPC with good local and demographic targeting as GetPLRHere suggests.

    Use specific forum thread titles so people know what your threads are about.
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    Try social networking sites. Mainly Facebook, you can try Facebook Ads to bring targeted traffic to your site.

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    Originally Posted by StudentOfTheGame View Post

    What are some ways I could generate leads for a furniture retailer?

    Create a rolodex of Apartment rental managers for people just moving in.

    Offer incentives for the manager referrals and discounts for the new renters.

    HA Ha now I just read some additional comments after the OP and Kurt stole my thunder! Boom Boom Boom Boom! Great comment. Kurt.


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    First I would do some keyword research and learn about the demographics of my prospect and what they are looking for. The demand! Then I would come up with some information of some sorts where the demand is at and give that to build my list.

    As with anything the thing to do is set it all up and then optimize it to get you your return.

    Of course do some ppc, maybe find a site or two to run and test some banners and what is killing it for me today is a facebook page and sponsor post! A lot of fun

    At this point I test with PPC and find my headlines and content that converts for me and after that I do my sponsor post and banner ads based on the content that is converting for me! ;-)
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    If you are doing it local create website and target local keywords, as a rule they are easy to rank.
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    1.) Pick up the phone, and cold call your desired end users.
    2.) Find out where your buyers hang out, online and offline, and get your message in front of them.
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