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I am currently developing a photo tour business. I don't want to specialize on only one country, but offer a variety of tours around the world.

HOWEVER, one of my locations is in japan. Now when I search "photo tour japan" in google, and I see two kinds of results.

1. 2017 Japan Snow Monkey, Tokyo & Kyoto Photography Tour | February 5-11 2017
3. Dream Photo Tours | Photography Tours Worldwide

The website which is literally named japan photo tours of course will naturally draw my attention as a customer, I will assume they probably know the area better than the other two companies.

So my question is this. Say I am this photographer named Martin bailey. Is there any way, I can have multiple domain names, such as 2017 Japan Snow Monkey, Tokyo & Kyoto Photography Tour | February 5-11 2017 and and that show up in google results, but

Which all redirect to my actual parent site,
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    Google will consider them as two separate websites. I suggest you should keep only one domain. This saves a lot of money and time. If you keep multiple domains for each country, you'll have to put the same effort and spend the same money on each of your domains.

    With only one domain and website, you'll get better rankings in the long run that will also save you time and money. Make your website translatable.


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    It is possible to do the way that you wanted. No issues with that.
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  • I don't know much of anything about this topic, so I don't know where to begin researching/learning, so I can see for myself how I would do this and understand the potential drawbacks, as sam is suggesting there would be. Could someone please kindly help me figure out where to get started?

    Your comments on if this is a good idea or a bad idea and why would also be appreciated, thanks!
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    If I'm understanding your question correctly, it's a simple matter of setting up domain name forwarding in your web site hosting account. If you have Cpanel or something similar, you simply following the on-screen instructions which will show you how to send all traffic coming to your domain to a different domain (URL). You will be asked to set a "default" domain name which is the final destination where everyone going to all your other domains will be sent.

    I suppose whether or not it's a good idea depends upon what you want to accomplish. Some of your audience may feel like they're being manipulated (sent to a domain that they had not intended to visit).

    Personally, I think a better idea is to maintain your various sites, but internally, provide an incentive for the visitor to go to your main site because of the obvious value it will be for the prospect.

    You might do a test for a period of time, track results, and see which format actually gives you the best result.


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