Do you know any Kindle book publishers who swap solo ads on their reader list?

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One of the most powerful sources of qualified buyer traffic for Kindle books are reader notification lists. A lot of Kindle book authors put a link of their squeeze page at the first page of their Kindle book. It doesn't matter whether somebody's just browsing through the book and doesn’t buy or actually buys and downloads the book. They get exposed to the squeeze page link.

Some of these people end up joining the mailing list. I've read many reports on blog posts, as well as publisher forums, that these lists are quite effective in boosting sales for future books. These lists are especially helpful if you serialize your books.

My question is, do Kindle book publishers swap solo ads for their reader list? I'm focused primarily on fiction, so I'm thinking of advertising my mailing list solo ad on the mailing list of other fiction writers. Do you guys think this makes sense?
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