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Hi everyone,

I've been thinking a lot about outsourcing video creation and I asked myself the following question:

If you pay someone to create a video, and they're either doing a voiceover or standing in front of the camera, is that video REALLY yours? I know that I own the full rights to do whatever I want with the video, but I feel like it's not really yours unless you create it yourself.

Let's say that you post the video on YouTube. The people who are searching for those same keywords will watch "your" video looking for an honest opinion. All they see is a spokesperson who may or may not care what you're selling.

Outsourcing is great and it can save a lot of time, but if you want to build a brand and be seen as an authority in your niche, you should consider creating your own videos. That's just my opinion.

What do you guys think?
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    If you pay someone to design a website or build a house for you is it yours? Of course it should be, you paid for it, but an iron clad contract secures the deal and copyrights. If you buy a voiceover from Fiverr for example, the rights are yours, it is in the Fiverr contract, or from me (a wonderful Scottish voiceover artist and video producer he says humbly, you are fine)

    smiles, have a great one!


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    Yes, it's yours and the money you paid them to do the video is theirs.

    Of course there are limits, such as not using their image in a way that does harm to their character, such as for hate messages or illegal activity.

    Another issue is that someone that makes you a video uses media he/she doesn't have a right to use and you will be liable for copyright infringement. So do due diligence with who you hire and I recommend supplying them with any media used in the video, such as images and music so you can be sure of the usage license.
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    It you paid someone to do the work for you, then the final product is yours. You are the client and the freelancer (or hired company) is creating a product on your behalf.

    The final product is yours but certain images or videos depicting real people in the video needs to be handled with great care. It's the freelancer or hired company's duty to tell you not to use the video inappropriately because the spokesperson in the video cares about his/her image.

    If you're hiring someone to do a video for you, ask them if they are purchasing a license for the hired actors in the video, and what restrictions are there, if any, as to what you can do with it or where you can showcase your video. Porn sites are generally out of the questions for many situations.
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    Don't take it personal! It's a preference thing. Don't be afraid to talk or communicate with your prospects and let them get to know you and not your video. The video comes from you. You are suggesting to them to watch it
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