Besides niche, volume, and author branding, what other factors impact Kindle success?

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Kindle direct publishing has been around for a while. It's gone through quite a bit of an evolution. I hope that I'm asking this question in such a way that we can benefit from hindsight. Since many people here have tried their hand at Kindle publishing, can you share your notes regarding other factors that impact your success?

I know that ultimately it boils down to book quality, I get that. But going past that, as well as niche, volume, and author branding, what other factors should existing Kindle publishers, as well as prospective publishers, keep an eye on?
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    1. Your Kindle cover design & its main tittle.
    2. Your own effort to promote it within your own social media account to gain reputation.
    3. Your continuity toward every next future edition.

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    Originally Posted by naffynaff View Post

    I know that ultimately it boils down to book quality, I get that.

    I'm not sure that this is true!

    Yes, of course, quality is very important for your long term success, repeat sales, user recommendations, etc . . .

    but when you think about it, the purchaser doesn't buy based on the quality of the book he/she is buying because they haven't read it yet - they haven't yet experienced the quality so they don't know what it is.

    I think the biggest factor in any single book purchase is the marketing done in advance by the author (publisher). How is the book being promoted? Do you see it being advertised in multiple places? Do you hear buzz about it? Are there lots of great testimonials and reader reviews of it? Have you seen blog posts about it and is it being announced on various "new arrivals" lists at popular review and social media sites?

    Even mediocre quality books that have excellent marketing will sell well.

    So yes, quality is important, but I don't think it all boils down to quality. To me, it all boils down to marketing.


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    Well, sure, they don't see the quality when they first buy the book, but they will see the reviews, and the reviews are merciless when quality is sorely lacking!

    So I would make sure the quality is high, both in terms of content and in terms of proofreading and spell checking.

    And yes, marketing is crucial too!

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    3 Factors many publishers tend to overlook

    Keyword selection

    Sub-niche positioning

    Cross-branding with semi-niche related authors

    The 3rd factor above is gaining quite a bit of traction as Amazon cracks down on review swaps

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