PrettyLink- I have created more than 60 cloaked links in one website, is that OK?

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Hello guys...

2 weeks a go, I installed PrettyLink plugin for my wordpress website...

All 60 pages of the website are finally promoting one Clickbank product...
To track the hoplinks and see from which pages of the website the visitors click on the hoplinks I made 60 cloaked links out of PrettyLink... Is that OK? Can it somehow negatively affect the hoplinks and decraise teh number of sales some how (like say not tracking the cookies just fine or so)? I see that my sales have dropped by half now after creating 60 cloaked links... Can it be due to what I have done?

Thank you.
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    In theory it shouldn't hurt, as the cookie should be placed after the redirection takes place. However, if your decrease in sales directly corresponds with the timing of you creating the redirects, it would indicate that some further investigating is due.
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    I really don't see a reason that pretty link would decrease your sales unless you added more links to your original content (which might turn your visitors off due to a page full of links to affiliate products)

    It's entirely possible that your profits have slowed because people are traveling and not thinking about buying anything during this holiday week. (Many people went on vacation early last week).
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    The only thing I can think of is if your host isn't fast enough it might take more time to redirect to clickbank. Do your stats show traffic the same to CB?
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    You should check the speed of the redirection. If it's slowing down getting to the sales page, you will lose some people. Do you have the advanced tracking enabled? (I don't remember off hand if it's called advanced tracking or something else, but it allows you to gather extra information). This can cause a slight delay in redirecting.

    Also make sure you entered the url correctly for each pretty link. With 60, it's possible you could have made a copy/paste mistake in a few.

    Where's your traffic coming from? Is your traffic level the same as it was?
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