The Magnificent Seven of the Internet Marketing Plan

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Every Internet marketing plan is unique because it has a set of specific goals to address. However, we can still point out a few components, which are a definitive must have for every Internet marketing plan that aims to be efficient and successful.

A website is your Internet marketing plan's home and a harbor from where you launch your marketing campaign. In order to ensure the positive experience for your users and visitors, you need to provide the following:
- It's professional, simple, nicely design and easy to navigate
- It includes calls-to-action
- It has a mobile-friendly version
- It includes all relevant keywords
- It has a precise tracking system

2nd BLOG
This component represents an excellent opportunity to ensure access to a much larger audience, with the help of following:
- Make sure a blog is an integral part of your website
- Don't be afraid to post controversial and intriguing posts
- Make sure you share your posts regularly
- Don't forget to include social media share buttons
- Make sure you include enough call-to-action (CTA) elements on each page
- Don't forget to include subscription options for your readers

This component of your Internet marketing plan asks for a proactive approach. With a thoughtful approach and a great content, you can certainly achieve a lot.

Put yourself in your potential user's place. Let's face it. You need to offer something in return for someone's undivided attention. Right? You would be surprised how an offering or a gift can improve your chances. For instance, you can offer a free eBook with invaluable practical advice for your followers and subscribers.

Your Internet marketing plan has no other choice than to speak through social networks in order to be truly successful. That's why without any exaggeration we can say that you have to have a special plan for social media within your Internet marketing plan.

With the help of integrated software solutions you Internet marketing plan can:
- Schedule and create social media posts and emails
- Schedule and create CAT (calls-to-action)
- Track leads and monitor social media impacts

When it comes to advertisement options for your Internet marketing plan there are a couple of options to consider. For instance, you can use both search ads and display ads. At the same time, you shouldn't neglect the importance and impact of the social media advertisement. Yet, you need to be careful when it comes to your budget for advertising.

It's worth mentioning that these "magnificent seven" components aren't something that every single Internet marketing plan has to follow and apply blindly. Certain modifications and adjustment are more than welcome and necessary. If you want your Internet marketing plan to give you what you want, then you have to make sure that you're using and investing in the most effective components.
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