Leveraging Your Strengths

by Orator
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Seriously my head hurts.

There is an amazing amount of information out there about internet marketing, and all of it seems to want to whisper sweetly into my ear about a five figured set and forget income.

SEO Optimization, CNP, Article Marketing, Site Flipping, White Hat, Black Hat, Autoblogging.. I need some mental floss.

You know the more I look at this from every angle, the more I'm thinking that this isn't for me.

I've always been better at creating content, shouldn't I be focusing on that?

Learning about internet marketing has taught me two valuable skills.

Finding a content niche, and the fact I can bloody hire someone to build me a website, optimize it, and let affiliates through click bank promote my work itself.

Does anyone here have an opinion? The more I look at this, the more I think I should focus more on creating content and letting others do the marketing for me?

Thoughts, opinions?
#leveraging #strengths

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