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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if you could me some advice. I started a PPC campaign with a weight loss product Stripthatfat. I put my own story on the lander. My campaign has a good click through rate - and the majority of visitors who go to my lander click through to the merchant page..however after 200 or so clicks I have had no sales.

I changed my lander page because I thought it was too spammy and made it look more genuine but now I am thinking something is wrong.

This is one of them:

Lose Weight After Pregnancy

and i have another with same photos for lose tummy fat.

Am I just too skinny? (even though I lost weight with this) Should I be doing something different to get people to buy? I keep tweaking but I dont know what to do now. I feel like I am missing something.

Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it. I just so want to achieve some success with PPC and have been working hard.

Obviously its enticing enough for them to look at the stripthatfat merchant page so what is preventing them from buying?

Thanks again,

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    Hi Kelly,

    I took a quick look at your page and the advice I can give you is to limit the number of products reviewed to 2 or 3.
    With 5 products the visitor has too many choices and could also be confused about wich product to buy and end not buying at all or bookmarking the main sites and go there on a different moment perhaps from the direct link and having removed cookies from the browser.
    With only 2 products reviewed it could convert more visitors into direct buyers.

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      Thank you for the suggestion I will try that
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        also try to put some design into the site...and make the text more in the middle...i cant remember the technique now...like you see on almost every other sales page

        if you need some design pm me, i am cheap
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        A few things I saw asap when I come to page:

        The banner at the top made it look like a broken image
        and take focus away from your headline.

        The width of you text is from left to right all over the
        screen, try stay 450-600 width.

        Protect your clickbank url.

        And the images before/after is perfect decision makers.
        Move them up. Place it to the left. Make links to the right.

        Remember most humans read at the top/middle section
        but take actions to the very right....

        Good Luck & Congrats

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          Thank you so much for the advice but the problem isnt people clicking through to the merchant...they do..the problem is they are not buying from the merchant regardless. So do you think this is because they arent seeing the pictures or do you think they need something else?

          Thanks for your advice..I will be changing it regardless and I really appreciate the responses.
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          I just looked through your landing page - here are my thoughts...

          1) What keywords are you bidding on? If they're NOT specifically targetted to pregnancy weight-loss, then you have an instant disconnect with the prospect as soon as they see headline (although your story is definitely a good one to mention and tell on the landing page... even if only briefly).

          2) Speaking of the headline, you should try to make it more around the prospect and benefits they could achieve. At the moment, the headline is all about YOU. That's all well-and-good, but your prospect wants to know what's in it for THEM.

          3) I think you're losing initial sales as a result of the automatic email pop-up on the vendor's site. You'll possibly recover some of those sales later on as part of the AR promotion emails... but that might takes weeks, and it assumes the vendor isn't using their own affiliate link to plunder your commissions.

          4) I looked at your source code and it doesn't seem like you're targetted your page for specific keywords. This will hurt your quality score and you'll be paying premium rates for clicks, when smart marketers with great a great quality score for your keywords will be paying 70% less per click (this makes all the difference in determining the ROI of your campaigns). Even just optimizing your quality score with your image names, keywords density (particularly in the headline) and website tags would make a difference.

          5) This has already been said, but the design is not the best. Create a table in the middle of the site and place all the text in that table, with a clean background color behind the central table. That would be a good start, in my opinion.

          6) I would focus the presell page on one product only. The more products you mention, the more options there are for the prospect... and that will only cause confusion and lower conversion rates.

          7) If you want to really boost conversion rates, create a special bonus that you'll give to all prospects who buy from your recommendation. Position it so the product is only half as good without the bonus and have them email you their CB order number to claim the bonus (this way, you can also build a customer list for future promotions). This works really well, when done right...

          8) Finally, the following site should be helpful in giving you more ideas on how you could adapt and improve your presell page: Shocking Atkins Diet Story

          Hope this helps,

          - Josh.
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            Thank you so much for the advice. I did have another title specifically but was told it was too spammy and that I would be better off keeping it simple like my weight loss story.

            The keywords are targeted completely to lose weight after pregnancy.

            I was only targeting one product and then was told that I should give choice as its most likely visitors were clicking through but going else where for more information so i should give them a few options on the page.

            But thanks for the thorough advice...I guess I didnt think my layout was that bad! It is a table in the middle? EDIT: I just checked it in internet explorer and it comes up across the page..in firefox its fine..i should have checked that!

            Thanks for your advice..I suppose I better get cracking!
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            What people mentioned above is great and true. But no amount of great design is going to sell this for you I am afraid. I am not trying to be mean here, but honestly....

            You thought you were big?

            Gosh, that before and after picture will not convince me that your product is that great. I really got stuck on the pictures and that is the bad element here.

            You are great looking and so is your kid, but comon...do you know what it means to be overweight?

            Lots of women after childbirth have fat around their middle and that is natural. The problem is you. When someone goes to a site about someone losing weight after childbirth they expect to see someone who is well.... not as skinny as you. Unfortunately you have the luck of being naturally skinny and it is so evident when you held your baby in that first picture.

            http://www.stripthatfatnow.com/images/kelandbob.jpg (I am talking about these pictures)

            You are so skinny your kid is like massive in comparison to you on your lap. Not saying it's bad...but woman...if you want to appeal to someone in terms of pictures that will not convince anyone. The first thought that popped in my head when I saw the pictures were...

            "Yeah right.... like she has to try hard losing weight. Look how skinny she is. Gosh she is is a natural and i bet it doesn't take anything for her to lose weight unlike me that fights with this weight after I have had kids."

            As I said I am not trying to be mean, but women who really struggle with weight after birth usually are quite big. The whole childbirth naturally ****s up their system and they get bigger without eating more. Some people like you are lucky, but for other people...they are going to see your pictures and never in this world believe that you were overweight to start with. That is a fact and I am sorry if this harsh truth offends you. But that is exactly how I see it and how lots of normal overweight people will see it.

            You wouldn't know the first thing about being truly overweight after childbirth. If you weighed 109 kilograms after your child's birth and then continued to gain weight because of the consequences then perhaps you will understand. To me you could not weigh more than 75kg's in that first picture. Believe me that would be generous what I stated since my sister-in-law is bigger than you and she weighs 76kg's.
            "Find the problem and provide the solution."
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              Thanks for your input Sarah...I figured this might be the issue..because I just don't look big. I did put on over 30lbs...but that probably putting in the bordering overweight/just overweight part. And I guess I was wrong to attempt showing that you can lose weight. Its hard to see it for myself though and I tried to ask lots of advice in regards to that but no one really gave me an answer...so you have confirmed to me what I already sorta knew so thanks.

              On another note though...do you think I should just give up using my pictures then? Do you think I could use at least the bottoms ones for flat ab campaigns or just not bother whatsoever?

              Thanks again.
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              What Sarah is saying is true...Your skinny girl! You aren't convincing anyone with your pictures that you have the miracle cure for fat hehe.

              Not to mention reviews of the products should be first...If you want to have content other then the reviews... do that on other pages where you still have the merchant links in those pages. If you are trying to get organic traffic too. Which you should try to do and not only do PPC.

              People go to review sites for facts not stories. They want to know what the product is, what it does, where can I get it.

              Your only job on a review site is to get the right people there and to tell them facts...and after that you send them on to the merchant.

              With review sites you also rely heavily on how the merchant's site looks and is presented. If their sales page sucks...you suffer for that.

              So your layout would be like:

              • Image of product or site
              • review/facts
              • overall rating
              • click here for more info
              You can do some other pages that have good keywords targeted on other pages...like 5 to 10 of them...and then put the links for random products that you have on your main page between paragraphs...

              Make your index page 3 products. With that format above...
              Hyperlink the image and the more info button or link...

              You don't need to sell the products with a story...you just need to have the info they want...the merchants site should be good enough to sell them after that. Just make sure you pick products that have good sales pages.

              You're taking the story kind of approach to selling...which I would use on something that was my product...not a review site.
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                Sooooooo the personal story I should just lose?

                I shouldnt use my pictures for anything even tummy fat ones......

                And I should just have a review website...and specifically relate it to pregnancy.

                Agh my brain hurts so much info.

                Thanks everyone for your input...I guess I will be completely doing the landing page and forgetting a personal story.

                Thanks for your help.
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                Well fix the design as people said. I think the font you use is wrong also, but beyond that, sure use your pictures for ab campaigns. It will be a killer

                But don't give up on this. Here I will suggest is this... find someone you can help lose some weight and either get them to do the before and after pictures, or find some good quality pictures off a stock photography site. I would say when I think of someone losing weight that was gained by childbirth that the woman who poses should look reasonable big, but not too big that it is unbelievable.

                Also here is a neat little tip.

                I found some great sites online once that dealt with people and parenting and people always asked about losing weight and stuff. You could look for sites like this that deal with questions and answers. Perhaps market your products there or you can find people that will give you good reviews etc. You have a great site going there...so don't give up. It was just the pictures for me that didn't convince me but overall also implement what people said in terms of design. You are doing great

                Good luck!
                "Find the problem and provide the solution."
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                  Lol! My boyfriend said we should shave his stomach and he can be the before picture...haha!

                  I found a really good sit...and have been linking them with no luck..but hopefully now that I got the pictures off they might find the story at least appealing.

                  As for PPC i will try the review style..i was getting advice to have pregnancy information available and not just be a review...

                  Thanks for your encouragement though. I just am so determined to crack PPC..its driving me nuts!!

                  I shall work on the design and make sure you I check internet explorer in future.

                  Thanks again..this thread has really really cheered me up .
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                    Hey all,

                    well I changed some of it already. I dont know if this is better but I hope so.

                    Thanks again for your help.
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    you definitely want to clean up the site. no offense, but it looks very cluttered.

    the personal story was a nice, but a bit long.

    you absolutely MUST start capturing emails! build a list. the fat loss niche is one that is competitive, but extremely lucrative. if you don't build a list, you are losing out on a TON of money.
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    it needs more colour & text, that sort of thing, it justs needs alittle oomph to make it look more appealing to the reader, other than that i liked it.
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      Lose Excess Body Fat

      Do you think that background is better then the current one?

      I have stopped campaign and am going to set up opt-in and clean it up.

      Thanks for the advice
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    Since you have a good click through rate it is probably the vendor’s page that is the problem. First as stated earlier the pop-up on the site is distracting. Secondly, there is a lot of information on that page which can discourage people from going further.
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      Hey Samster,

      Thanks for the advice..I guess I trusted it because its Wealthy Affiliate site...it seems to be selling well. Maybe I will rethink my product promotion then...

      Thanks again.
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        interesting replies but not a lot of them seem to answer your question about not having any sales!

        Sure, you might look too thin to build trust, or your sales page is all over the place, but as you said, people having been clicking to the merchant but ain't buying. Why?

        The tips you have received are good advice which you should follow anyway, but specifically, in regards to no sales the following thoughts come to mind;
        1. your traffic is untargeted (someone touched on this already). What keywords are you bidding on? Research this a lot!
        2. you are not preselling adequately (could be related to first point)
        3. the merchants page just doesn't convert
        4. you're a victim of click fraud somehow (someone suggested that you need to cloak your links - do it!)
        fix what you can and then build a list. This will enable you to test different offers, see what works, get feedback etc etc.
        Good luck

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          Thank you for the advice.

          I am using adwords and my keywords are around lose weight after pregnancy..maybe these keywords arent related very far down the line of the buying process...I am not sure.

          I am going to clean up the landing page though..Thanks for your advice...its helped me put things in perspective much better! This stuff gets really overwhelming sometimes!
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    One more... Don't use baby blue on your text.. it looks really bright and annoying on some monitor... The second one is so much better.
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