On the subject of Adult Coloring Books...how would you market this kind of work?

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The social blasts on here regarding adult coloring books as the hottest trending niche right now did not go ignored by people like me, so here goes...

I apologize for the wonky-sounding nature of this post, as you can see I am not a seasoned marketing pro yet. But long story short, I've been drawing for years and years, pretty much freehand, but the past few years, using software (tablet, graphic program, etc.)

I understand mandalas are pretty popular and I recognize them as "kaleidoscope" like in appearance, I can see how this could be soothing in nature to the average person coloring them for therapeutic reasons. I could certainly draw mandalas if I wanted to, but I've never specialized in what they call "abstract art".

I have observed that some of these coloring books on the market today are quite cheeky; some with profanity in them (I've never been one to use profanity in artwork per-say, OK, maybe a cartoon or two

I am sharing for the group a few examples of my work....These are black and white line versions of full-color original artwork I have created, so they're my very own designs. Please offer helpful and constructive feedback on how you would classify this style if you get a chance

Trying to figure out how to market this on Fiverr:

"I will do a custom adult coloring book page...(but need a catchphrase or descriptor that would jive, something along the lines of "unique" "offbeat""creative" so I won't sound so generic.)

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    Why would you not just make your own coloring book and sell it?

    "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    Truthfully, adult coloring books interest crest has passed by. There are many of them on the market by big authors and many of them have been discounted. That is usually a pretty good indication that the height in popularity has come and gone.

    If you have a niche list where many people are used to using hands on products, they might still work.

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      Originally Posted by Michael Shook View Post

      Truthfully, adult coloring books interest crest has passed by.
      I agree. This seemed to be a very quick trend. I saw promotions and advertisements all over the place for adult coloring books and they all just seemed to disappear.
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    Looks like I must have gotten off the check box that lets me know when new replies have come along :-)

    Yeah, I am definitely the gun-shy type, and whenever I see mailers that use too many exclamation points to describe how "great" something is, I think I may have that thing called "ad blindness" but I believe that's normal.

    It's a quick process for me to change a drawing to black and white,but I do like to know if the ship has passed in the night :-)
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    I do not think the adult coloring books are a good niche now.

    Maybe you could make a website speaking of sex or romantic relationships and richly illustrated with your drawings? And you might try to monetize it by putting affiliate links to dating sites or even webcam sites?

    Good luck!
    I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it. Thomas Jefferson
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    Maybe, the adult coloring niche is not the best at the moment, but you can earn a few bucks at all for less work.

    I sold in mai 2016 - 75 mandala books on amazon. This is not very much,but it is money while i can make other things.
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    Coloring books aren't going away. I'm a professional cartoonist and can say that the core audience is there, it's just that so many hacks who bought how-to guru books and saturated the market with rehashed designs glutted the market to the point of overwhelm, however, the books with great ORIGINAL art done by professionals is still going strong. Heck, people ask me every day if I can be hired to draw them a coloring book. They can't afford it. So once the hacks die off and run to the next trend they'll leave an industry where quality work can still bring in the big bucks.
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