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The chances of coming across an affiliate marketing scams or products as a newbie or seasoned affiliate marketer are increasingly alarming. unfortunately most of us do not know how to spot a fake from the real thing so i though i would just share a few tips that have helped me to spot a few phonies.

1. If the offer is too good to be true. That is the money for nothing scam were you are told that you do not need any technical skills of knowledge to succeed.
2. Lack of support and contact. If you cannot contact their support team or company selling the product.
3. Get rich quick promises. Promises of hundreds or thousands of money by end of day or a week.
4. No money back guarantee.
5. Constant upsells before you get to the page with the product.

In order to choose a good affiliate product, I usually go for products that first offer a free trial. I also ask for product and product owner reviews on forums or search google. It is also important to find out if there are any top marketers selling the product... I hope these few tips can help someone from being conned the next time they a seeking to join or buy an affiliate product. Any other tips?
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    Great post! I just made a blog entry on the same topic but from a slightly different angle.

    How I Safeguard My Wallet From The Goo-Roo Traps

    Without looking at the sales pages of today's newest shiny goo-roo products, I can bet the titles and hooks look something like:

    "Powerhouse Profits Program Has Stay At Home Booger Picker's Bank Account Bursting At The Seams" "Make $xxx.xx Per Day In Your Underwear" "Turn Turds Into Ebooks For Profit$"

    (well, maybe I took a bit more sarcastic rather than artistic license there, but just look at those beauties!!!)

    Anyways, are you tired of the daily products being trumpeted out into the market place? There is no shortage of 'new' products that show up EVERY day. A quick check of just ONE site reveals:

    -5 products launched today (screen capture tool, CPA, traffic using Reddit, YouTube, and using giveaways for profit)
    -6 products online to launch tomorrow (I'll save you the time reading the topics- it doesn't matter... just that there are 6 in ONE day)
    -7 products for the 3rd of June
    -1 product for the 4th (There's a head scratcher... but I'm guessing some goo-roo said to never launch on a Saturday or something)
    -7 products online for the 5th
    -5 products online for the 6th
    -3 products for the 7th (not sure why so few, maybe a few more will show up in a few more days- after all, it is OBVIOUS these 'products' are slapped together without much actual effort or thought)

    That's 34 products listed for one week to be launched- and that is just one site that lists upcoming launches.

    Oh, and just for posterity I'll look backwards in time. What did they throw out there?

    -7 products on the 31st
    -10 products on the 30th

    I'm guessing you get the picture? (if not, then do the math... 51 products in 9 days is MORE than 5 bright shiny new products per day!)

    Point is that the market is being flooded with drivel each and every day. If I take any time at all to read their sales pages, I'd be bombarded with all sorts of promises to make zillions of dollars and be able to drive off in my brand new street legal luxury race car.

    How do I avoid these traps? Simple. It is a mindset...

    I am operating a business, not chasing dreams. I real business objectives to meet. If I need to solve a particular problem, I fire up my laser targeting system and go looking for a Solution to a Problem that I have in meeting a boney-fied actual business goal.

    I leave all the dream peddling bull-loney stuff alone. The only way I spend money in the 'make money online' market is if I have an actual need for a tool or training of some sort. You should too.

    The solution is just that simple... Enter the market place ONLY when you need a solution for an actual problem. If you do that, you will probably save far more than theses bright and shiny 'products' would make you.

    (I cut out the promotional part here to clean it up for the forum...)

    Be Good!

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    I'm not so sure I agree with everything on your list.

    I've got a much different approach to determining if something is legit.

    I like to google the product name, and the product creator and learn a bit about them.

    Ive also got a list in my head of who is legit based on what I've purchased from them before. Just tonight I blindly bought into an affiliate offer that was in an email - solely because I know the quality that that affiliate puts out and he was recommending someone else. He would not send crap my way as he values his own reputation. He has his own products.

    Upsells are not a sign that something is a scam.

    "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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