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Yes! I do realize that you could write a book on this topic... and some folks probably have. If I can find the right book... I will read it. Also... I am AS interested in the process of operating the two sites in the same space as much as I am in the tech side of the integration.

Here's the basic question. I am building a new website (wordpress) and a new FB page. I THINK that I want/need tight integration between both FB and WP.

You will probably want some info about the site(s)... they do not exist today. I expect they will have a viral aspect to them and my goal will be to drive traffic to the site(s) which will be monetized with ads.

What does integration mean to me? Once again, I THINK that I want original content published first on the website (for SEO purposes) and then "teased" on the FB page. In the event that something is posted first on the FB page do we want it replicated on the WP site?

Is this enough to work with?

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    If you have one site and one facebook page, you might be well served to do this by hand. Depending on how many fans you have and what you want your reach to be, posting a link to a particular post on your Facebook page (with a short synopsis of your post) with a specific open graph image could work well for you.

    You could also just pot the link and let FB grab your first few lines of text.

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    Do it for a manual to the better reach of your contents. Make some hashtags for the trending posts to get more good results in the FB search.

    Facebook Ads is also helped you to the expected results.
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    Thanks! It is entirely possible that I am making this too complicated. It's something I have to continually guard against.

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