What are the compelling reasons for using Kindle publishing for passive income stream building?

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Let's admit it, Kindle publishing can produce passive income. That's not in question. I don’t doubt that. My question is comparative in nature.

What are the most important or most convincing reasons for using Kindle publishing to generate passive income compared to other ways of generating passive income like self-regenerating email lists and social media driven sales funnels? Compared to those types of passive income models, how does Kindle look?
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    You can not just write a 3000 word book and publish it expecting to make money? My point is, same as other models. If not done right you will make nothing or even worst be forced to give refunds. Stop trying to trick people on the internet people.

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    You asked the question - or one quite like it - not long ago.


    At least a couple of the replies were from those who HAVE published Kindle books. You didn't ask further questions or acknowledge the responses you got in that thread.

    Kindle is really good for two types of people:

    1. WRITERS willing to learn to market their work

    2. MARKETERS willing to pay for QUALITY ebooks to publish

    Each method of working online has it's own set of requirements and challenges. The trick is to find one you enjoy - you can learn/do - and actually keep doing it long enough to create an income.

    "Passive" income is what happens (maybe) AFTER you do a lot of work....
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    Originally Posted by nathangee View Post

    self-regenerating email lists and social media driven sales funnels? Compared to those types of passive income models, how does Kindle look?
    I wouldn't say creating an email list and social media are a passive income model.

    Kindle is. You write, format and upload your ebook and there it is on Amazon. An asset that has the potential to earn income without you doing any further work.

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    Because it is the easiest and fastest way to start making money online by far in my opinion.
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    Simply publishing a book on Kindle and then sitting back to wait for the money to roll in is a good recipe for failure. You're competing with tens of thousands of other authors. Unless you do some serious marketing and self promotion, your ebook will likely get buried. You might see a few sales here and there. But you won't be making a living from it. I'm speaking from experience here. The authors I know who are making good money with kindle ebooks are always marketing their work or writing new ebooks. They work hard at it. Even then it's no guarantee of success.

    Are there exceptions? Of course. But those outliers are incredibly rare. Chances are, it's just not going to happen for the vast majority of people here.

    Every time I hear the words "passive income" and "kindle" used together I cringe because to be successful it's anything but passive. There are no shortcuts.
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    Looking at one of your previous posts that one of the posters has linked to above, my guess is that you wanted to gauge how much effort is involved in Kindle publishing first before comparing it to other streams of income.

    Building an email list with free traffic takes time, and can take months before you start seeing a decent amount of income. Social media traffic also takes time to produce income through conversions for your own products or from promoting products as an affiliate.

    However, if you buy solo ads or use paid traffic you can get results immediately, provided you know how to use the traffic.

    Kindle publishing does not have any shortcuts unless you outsource it completely(for which you have to be familiar with Kindle publishing as well as outsourcing). You have to write a good book first, one that people will read until the end and appreciate it. Then you have to market it effectively. Lastly, without a professionally produced cover or an excellent description, there are slim chances that people will choose your book over hundreds of thousands of books that are available in the Kindle Store.

    Coming back to your question, the most compelling reason for choosing Kindle publishing over anything else could be that you love to write and entertain readers. If you put an average book out there with no marketing at all it will be a book that no one will read.
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    In many ways, Fiction is the winner on Kindle, but it is far from set and forget.

    On the other hand, the assets you produce have a much longer lifespan than a *solve the problem of the week* product.

    And... buying habits pertaining to entertainment are different, in a good way ;-)

    There are quite a few former Warriors who have converted to Fiction and are doing REALLY WELL ;-)
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    In my mind, the most compelling reason to use Kindle for passive income is the fact that Amazon has an INTERNAL TRAFFIC ecosystem

    You get a massive built-in network that AGGRESSIVELY pushes you to its internal traffic flow AND uses retargeting on platforms like Facebook to CLOSE THE DEAL.

    Amazon is no joke in the ad persistence game. That's for sure.

    This is what you tap into when you choose to create a product on Kindle.

    Of course, simply creating a product is just the first step.

    You need to engineer your book from the ground up so it works WITH Amazon instead of AGAINST it or it remains PASSIVE.

    Sadly, the 2 latter options yield little to no results and the last option can get you penalized.
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    Hey friend,

    Let me tell you what I learned from Anik Singal who as you may know is making 8 figures a year. He taught me that if you are not necessarily a good writer or don't even know much about the topic you are writing about, then you should outsource it!

    Make an outline of your book by studying the outlines of the books that have been sold well on Amazon (it lets you see the content page of almost any book for FREE). Once you are done studying, create a similar content outline but do not plagiarize.

    Then simply go to freelancer.com and hire a freelancer who will do topic research for you and all you have to do is pay some money so that he can write an eBook for you. The process may take couple weeks depending on the book. You will have a significant amount of time to learn how to market your eBook while it's in a preparation mode.

    Good luck!

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