Differences Between RSS FEED Snippets and Complete Article Publishing?

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Yes, what are the differences between RSS FEED snippets and complete Article re-publishing?

So for people who do autoblogging and people who use others peoples' articles from ezines and republish them completely on their blogs... whats the difference? Doesn't Google de-index both for duplicate content??
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    I agree from a duplicate content stand point there most likely is no difference. I loved to hear from someone that has actually tested this difference. All thought the more content you have the more likely you are to be seen as non duplicate in my opinion, but I have not verified this so I could be told wrong.

    I image the main difference for most is in the formatting. The look and feel for the web site. The short snippets might flow better with one site design where as the long full article would work better for another.

    Also, I have seen some high ranking sites that were really nothing but duplicate content so I am not so sure how much weight this really plays into things. If you get backlinks and traffic to your site and people hang around and do not bounce right away to another site I think the search engines are happy.

    A perfect example is a news site if you gather useful content and provide it in a central location this adds value. Many of these sites have many of the same articles, but because they make it easy for people to consume there is value and people stay and enjoy the content.

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