A Perk IM Ghostwriters Have Above Other Marketers

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Hi Warriors!

Once upon a time, this young lady was a naive ghostwriter - never once having it dawn on me to apply what I was writing about (tons of marketing materials) for myself.

Now that I've been marketing for awhile, I realize that ghostwriters who write about Internet Marketing have this huge advantage over other marketers IF they'll use it. We're the ones who dig into the in-depth research and learn the complete ins and outs of a system.

We're often the first to apply it (if we're getting step by step techniques mapped out and screen shots taken). We get a jumpstart over the very people who have hired us. We're getting PAID to get an education and actually apply marketing systems!

For example, let's say someone finds out about a new web 2.0 website. They hire me to write a 20-100 page report about it. Well in order for me to do it RIGHT, I get my own account, go through the entire system and learn tips and strateies above and beyond to help the readers understand how to wield its available power.

By the time I'm done writing, I've been paid $20-30 a page to literally promote my own online business! I will have been paid to set up systems to promote myself. Of course, the client gets a nice deliverable too - but this is a very potent perk for writers who will take the time to become marketers and not just behind-the-scenes ghostwriters who help other people make money.


PS - I ghostwrote a wonderful 12 week course on credit and debt for a client recently and what I learned has helped me pay off 6 credit cards and stick over $4,000 in savings toward personal expenses and my kids' school expenses in just 2 months! So it pays to apply what you learn in ANY niche, not just IM.
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    I am so with you on that!

    Without getting too detailed or revealing client details - I wrote a book on healthy aging and now because of all the research I did, my diet is worlds healthier and I drink green tea and started taking vitamins again.

    And as for all the books I've written for internet marketers on various aspects of IM - it's like I was paid to go to IM university.

    I learned how to make and upload a Youtube video because of an ebook that I wrote.

    It is truly wonderful being paid to learn.
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      Absolutely - it is wonderful that we get paid to learn. One of my favorite jobs awhile back was reviewing the business systems and plans of start-up web 2.0 companies. I learned quite a bit about what to do and more importantly, what not to do.

      Dana - that is so true. I've had similar experiences writing ebooks. If I ever need to go deep sea fishing in California, sell a house, or remodel one, I will be so prepared .

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        An excellent point, Tiff,

        You are, by virtue of occupation, forced to do what all marketers should be doing. You are researching!

        Additionally you, Dana, Cary and all others doing what you do are being constantly fed with a never ending stream of ideas.

        Learning for the sheer sake of doing so pays tremendous psychic rewards. That's a good thing but it doesn't buy shoes, chocolate or school uniforms.

        Thanks for sharing something so obvious that it's, I suspect, all too often overlooked.

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          Great point, Tiff and Dana! I should be looking into getting some gigs like that too ;-)

          I've also heard about similar perks for the people who transcribe teleseminars... Although the ghostwriters probably get a much more in-depth education since transcribing is pretty mechanical actually.


          on sales letters, (pre-sell) reports & email series!
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    As a ghostwriter myself, I appreciate the point. Tiffany, I never quite looked at it like being paid to market myself - as you put it. That might help me look at some topics better. I will say, though, that I certainly have learned some things, too, while writing about online businesses. Enjoyed your comment. Thanks.

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    Damn...someone's just worked out why I prefer to interview entreprenuers over celebrities...

    I completely agree- I take notes from every person of influence I interview and try to see how thier wisdom fits into my life- it's well worth it!

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    The amount of knowledge that video producers, hotel AV technicians and ghostwriters (just to name a few) get out of what you're talking about is amazing, going behind the scenes and integrating your knowledge right into successful marketing funnels and insight (then perhaps apply it if it can help you or someone else!)

    Yes Brian, you're spot on in what you say. That is one reason people like you and I are so fortunate in what we do and have great clients to go with it all.
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    Hi Tiffany,

    That is such a great way to look at it. It would be easy to look at ghost writing as a thankless job. Even if the money is good you are behind the scenes. And when you see your works "out there" getting rave reviews you know how that little girl singing behind the scenes at the Olympics might have felt.

    You are right, the education is wonderful.

    I have a long way to go but everything I've learned regarding Internet Marketing comes from only 3 sources, Reading this forum, brainstorming with other Warriors and research for ghost writing projects.

    Thanks for reminding me that there is a "perk."

    Tamara Wright
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  • You hit the nail on the head, Tiff! At the beginning of this year, I realized that I had become an “expert” at enough IM methods, techniques and strategies that I HAD to take what I learned and help promote local businesses and professionals.

    The fact that I now dominate several lucrative niches in my own locale makes me very valuable to those businesses that want to dominate the search results for their business, industry or profession.
    "The will to prepare to win is more important than the will to win." -- misquoting Coach Vince Lombardi
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    I agree on the internet marketing side of things, as I have seen books I've ghostwritten flourish, and yeah I should do more of that for myself, and put into action what I write. Slap on the wrists.

    Although I have to say some of the of the subjects I have had recently, like what shelving to use in shops, and the ins and outs of rubber mulch, I hope I can one day get out of my head.

    When I go into a shop, I still automatically think about what kind of shelving they use - my mind is full enough of useless information as it is!

    Helen Doherty: What Would Happen If We All Let Rip(ple)?

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    lol me too Helen - I've written about all sorts of odd things and sometimes, you just want them to go away.
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      I've written about all sorts of odd things and sometimes, you just want them to go away.
      Make the "how to make jerky" and "how to choose your next vacuum cleaner" thoughts leave my head. ::: Please ::: It hurts.
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