Best membership site with recurring payments?

by Linens
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I want to start selling monthly guest posting services with recurring payments through paypal, which membership site supports

- recurring payments?
- paypal gateway
- mailchimp
- coupons
- unlimited levels
- single user multiple membership
- affiliate


Primary thing i am looking for is recurring payment with paypal so that no need of reminding client every month.

I saw cart66 but its too costly $300 per year
Few more i read - s2Member Pro, Paid Membership pro etc

Any good subscriptions plugins for recurring payment income ... please share your experience.

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    I would go with WordPress with a bespoke theme and the following plugins installed.

    Easy Digital Downloads
    EDD Recurring Payments
    MailChimp for WP
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    Memberpress is probably one of the best membership plugins out there and it has all the features you're looking for.

    So does free version of Paid Membership Pro, you will probably have to upgrade to set up affiliate program though.

    I will start with PMPro myself and later upgrade to Memberpress.
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    I think ConstantContinuity can do it all
    Signature Email marketing service , single and double optin accounts. List Hygiene Service Available.
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    I would assume, that it would last a very short time, google will find out about it, classify all the links as spam that have bought and it will go defunct. I mean it could work, but why mess with google if you don't have too.

    If you want though, emember and a number of other cheap ones out their. a few free, just put the plugins in for the payment options.

    Too many too mention. You can do a plugin, a theme, a static html php site. So many membership scripts out their. I would pick the one that has been around the longest for a modest price.

    Buying stuff in the IM field requires diligence and patience. So many things I have bought have went out the window. Some in just a matter of months. So find something that will continue to support itself over the years.
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  • Restrict Content Pro and AffiliateWP

    You can set recurring billing through Paypal.
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