When publishing Kindle children's book, do you offer or give credit to the illustrator?

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I'm about to publish my first children's ebook for Kindle. Looking for illustrator at the moment on fiverr and other similar sites.

Should I offer them credit as an illustrator in the book or in book's description on amazon? Or ask for full commercial licence and not give credit?

What have been your experiences?

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    Originally Posted by Silver20 View Post

    Should I offer them credit as an illustrator in the book or in book's description on amazon? Or ask for full commercial licence and not give credit.
    I always pay for full commercial license to the work - this is useful if you want to reduce the likelihood of future complications.

    If you want, you may still acknowledge the illustrator in a "Special Thanks To..." section of your book, but the point is, always pay for the rights to using the work however you wish.

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    I give full credit to my authors and illustrators. I do make them sign transfer of copyright but it's still the right thing to give them credit for their role in authorship.

    PM me if you want a referral to an artist I use
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    Children's books tend to give credit to the illustrator since the drawings are a big part of the books. My own opinion is to say yes, give credit where it's due. If you don't, just make sure the illustrator you hire knows they're not being credited.
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    Thank you guys
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    If you don't want your illustrator's name to be placed along with your name as the author, you can hire at least 2 illustrators as your team, then put your team name over there.

    Like this maybe...

    Tittle: 20 Best Children Stories
    Written by: Your Name
    Illustration by: Silver20's Team

    (You may put their name inside the book if you wish. So they will not appear in the cover. But you may not put them at all as well. It's up to you. )

    This works in my country.

    Just don't forget to pay the commercial license, like Daniel said.

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    One idea to negotiate their rate is to offer up front to credit their name, contact info or website as the illustrator.
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    I believe in giving full renumeration and credit to the author of the art work as well as the text, but sadly it is not always possible as most of the work is out source in pieces. Good illustrators typically charge $200 per page. Like they are worth every penny. Well, we get that for which we pay. Sadly, we have some sour news. It is from amazon. They are cutting what little KU/KOLL pays us. Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos is the 4th richest man on earth - rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
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