How to Overcome the Newbie Syndrome as a Beginning Internet Marketer

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This piece is certainly not an internet marketing technique or tactic which you can apply right away and expect to make $100 a day online. But it is something I know has been holding down a lot of online marketers and affiliate marketing beginners from making money online. I call it the "newbie syndrome."

If you can treat and overcome these symptoms as a beginner, I can assure you that making money online will be easy as pie.

Have a Shift in Mindset

Every aspiring online business owner should have a shift in mindset from "making money online" to "creating value" for a target market. Ask yourself this question, "Which comes first; creating value or making money?" You create value before making money on the internet. So, you should be concerned about what you can do that will exceed your target audience's expectations and get them emotionally attached to you and feel it an obligation to reciprocate.

There is No Magic Button

In day job parlance, "no work, no pay." There is no magic button that will make you money in 24 hours without any level of internet marketing skills. You must invest money, time or both to make your online business as successful as you wish it. If you don't have the wherewithal to outsource the tasks of building website and promoting it, you must hone smattering knowledge of how to do these things yourself and get by.

You are Starting a Business on the Internet Not Building Lottery Machine

In lottery you depend more on luck and hope but in starting a business online or offline and making money from it, you have to depend on good business plan, taking consistent action and evaluating your activities for improvement from time to time.

Building Relationship is More Important than Making Money Online

How do I know that building relationship is better than making money online? I have been an entrepreneur in the brick-and-mortar business more than I am online. Although I have been taking internet business as a hobby, I am beginning to fall in love with it by the day because when you build relationship and strong bond with a tribe or community, everything else becomes easy.

I still remember it like yesterday when I first built a simple landing page few years ago selling digital product I created. I linked to the sales page from my signature file on this forum. I started making spot-on contributions, giving my humble advice and opinions to some threads related to my area of expertise.

Within hours, I started making sales and cash into my PayPal account from members who were happy with my contributions. I got PM from them informing me that they are from Warrior Forum and they bought my ebook as a thank you. That is how to give before you can expect to make money i.e. building bridges of relationship which takes you to your desired destination.

First Prove It to Yourself Before Telling Others

I constantly see beginning internet marketers with bogus claims on their signature files but asking questions on how to make $1,000 a month online from home. When I visit their websites it leaves much to be desired. For you to feel good, first prove it to yourself before telling others about it.

This is why what I call "social proof marketing" is important if you want to make money online especially in the make money online niche market. In the early days of my internet marketing career, I bought Ewen Chia's New Cash Machine because I could see screenshots of income proof I was not making yet.

But I couldn't break into the internet marketing niche immediately because I was not making that kind of money. But I was able to target small audience of beginners who want to learn how to make $500 a month online from home. Why am I telling you this? When you can prove it to yourself that you can do it, you will definitely have the experience which you will relate to others. This is the missing link I see with newbies' craze to make money on the internet.

For example, I can teach somebody how to install WordPress blog on a domain name because I have proved it to myself by doing it. It will not be difficult for me to convince someone else if I decide to take it as a freelance work. The common saying that seeing is believing is also true in online marketing!

Avoid Information Overload or Information Shortage

Buying product after product will result in information overload. And not getting sufficient information about a topic or subject before diving into a niche market hand and foot is information shortage. In online marketing, there is no one-size-fits all. Everything is based on testing and experience. You have to get your hands dirty in the field. You cannot mine gold without soiling your hands at least using the olden days' methods.

If you cannot create time to study free stuff online and sift the grain from the chaff, get a mentor or coach or subscribe to a course. But beyond hiring a coach or buying a course, you have to take action regularly and not by fits and starts. Information overload or shortage is killer in successfully becoming an internet marketer, affiliate marketer, online business owner, etc.

Be Generous Beyond Measure

Yes, the magic in generosity can be charming. I have related with internet marketing gurus at one time or another. Those who always get my attention and money are those who were generous to me in the past. Some time ago, I got a free ebook on how to make $100 a day online from an internet marketer as a subscriber to his list and it was to the point.

I was so satisfied that I decided to pay for the video course of the free ebook for $17; not because I really need it but in the spirit of reciprocating his generosity. Basically, he sold his free ebook in the form of "read before you pay." It is an awesome way to make money online without worrying about refunds and charge backs.

Internet Marketing is a Chore

When I was starting an online business as a hobby, I thought it will remain so and I will still be making money as I hope by attending to it when I feel like. But I was wrong! Whether it is a hobby or business, you must attend to it regularly i.e. daily if you can. When I was active then, I was making sales on a daily basis but immediately I relaxed on my online marketing campaigns, sales started drying up. It is even worse when you don't have email list of subscribers of your own in a target niche market.

Post content, build backlinks, communicate and build relationships on a regular basis. See an online business as a chore which you must do day by day like brushing your teeth. I sincerely believe that if you follow these internet marketing tips and others from the web, you will overcome the newbie syndrome and you will start making money online in no time. You will succeed in your online business!

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    Hey great post
    ====>READY To Be Successful Online? FIND OUT more!?<====
    You FAIL online because you have the WRONG information.....
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      Originally Posted by shaunybb View Post

      Hey great post
      I agree. You really nailed it with this post.

      Too many internet marketers try to rush things. This is why they never stick to stuff that works and jump on the next unproven big idea.

      If these people would concentrate o the process instead of trying to rush to get their desired results, they would see far better results in the long run.
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    What a great thread it is. What you said there were all helpful. A lot of newbies expect things to happen instantly. They should realize that it requires effort and knowledge before succeeding into an Internet marketing.
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    Great post with getting into the right mindset. One thing I'd like to add - keep taking action, IMO many people fail due to not taking enough action.
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  • I agree 100%. If you focus on how much money you can make in the short-term for YOU, you're likely to fail. But if you focus on serving your customers/list instead, you'll thrive.

    Funny how that works out.
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    To the artful dodger...what I can't make $5000 a day? Only $4ooo and change?
    ====>READY To Be Successful Online? FIND OUT more!?<====
    You FAIL online because you have the WRONG information.....
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    Hey Wealthy Don!

    A couple of my Favs...

    Building Relationship is More Important than Making Money Online

    I used to "live on an island" with my marketing always flying solo and behind the scenes but once I began to focus on building relationships my entire business has benefited.

    Funny and ironic that now I really do live on an island!

    Be Generous Beyond Measure

    So many people into exploiting, BlackHat, and finding ways to game the system but being generous and treating people the way you would like to be treated along with over delivering has paid off tremendously.

    Internet Marketing is a Chore

    Even when we do have a taste of success we have to have discipline every step of the way. It is easy to get high off those incoming payments and begin to get lazy like it's on lockdown forever.
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    $2/100 words for REGULAR CONTENT
    $4/100 words for TOP NOTCH MONEY CONTENT
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    Like your post... Great ideas.. Thank you
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    yeah don't complain when the first challeng arrives and go around screaming HELP, HELP...

    To succeed in this business or any other business you need to be a problem solver and learn how to figure things out on your own. Most people can not do that these days.

    Something is wrong or we have a question we can just turn to our smart phone or we sue somebody or go on strike. The winning crowd
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    Wow, outstanding post. I started to copy and paste the concepts I agreed with the most, but I had to stop because I kept on agreeing !
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    Thought enter shifted the phrase, but .. Honestly very informational and simple post. Made for EVERYONE getting involved in internet businesses. Bypassing these basic rules is how these "Get Rich Quick Gurus" Make millions sharing e-mails and promoting BS products. Kudos ! BTW, yes I found, when I had the biggest growth in income, it was absolutely due to strong friendships built. No doubt about it. Seems simple but a lot of people ignore it.
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    Originally Posted by wealthydon;

    First Prove It to Yourself Before Telling Others

    I constantly see beginning internet marketers with bogus claims on their signature files but asking questions on how to make $1,000 a month online from home. When I visit their websites it leaves much to be desired. For you to feel good, first prove it to yourself before telling others about it.
    Totally agree !!

    In fact we ought to have verifiable proof to Warrior Staff here to show you have made a certain amount of money before you stick a Sig out telling people how to make a $1,000 a week

    - Robert Andrew
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    Phenomenal post! I just began researching and educating myself on the subject of internet marketing. As a newbie, reading this post steels my nerves against the arduous journey towards financial independence and independent business ownership. It's really exciting to take part in a burgeoning culture which has the potential to revolutionize the independent business owner industry. Thank you for your insights and advice. Here's to your continued success!
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