I want to market to businesses via cold email or direct mail.. I need a consultant.

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I have a piece of software for websites that I have had developed

It seems to be a hard thing to sell via adwords, media buys, etc.

I think the only way to sell it is to contact businesses directly.

My goal is to do direct (lumpy) mail, but it scares me.

A big issue I have in marketing is that sometimes I lack confidence.

Does anyone have any recommendations of direct mailing consultants who have fantastic results?

Sorry this is a bit of a generic question, but its hard to find a place I can trust.
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    I can't help you with your direct mail angle but I can give you advice about promoting your product online.

    Although I am not a fan of cold emailing people, I will share this little tip with you anyway.

    To find possible customers for your software, you can contact people who have their websites listed on yellowpages.com.
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    Howdy Oilman,

    I appreciate your transparency concerning a lack of confidence.

    Can I ask, is that lack more about your ability with marketing, or your software created you desire to market?

    The reason I ask is a simple one, my background is residential construction. Nearly 25 years ago I used direct mail to launch my contracting business, I kept it simple. I told those receiving my mailer who I was, what I could do, and how I could help them. Confidence oozed out of that mailer only because I knew my skills and experience in construction at that time, I had 10 years already under my belt. When it came to building homes, I knew what I was doing.

    Assuming your software is born out of your skill and experience... keep your direct mail simple. By this I mean don't mail thousands, mail hand picked businesses. That is what I did by picking the market I could sell to easily.... other contractors, real estate brokers and agents, etc. I mailed only a handful of mailers each day after I researched their business. Result, a broker answered my mailer, I sold them, and I had a $46K contract.

    You can do it! Believe in yourself - that is the hardest part, I know, I understand.
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    Originally Posted by The Oilman View Post

    Does anyone have any recommendations of direct mailing consultants who have fantastic results?.
    Hi Oilman,

    Look up Ewen Mack either on Linkedin or here on the forum View Profile: ewenmack

    Have a chat with him and I'm sure he can help point you in the right direction if not create a whole campaign for you.

    Kind regards,

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