Do Popups Make Your Site Seem Spammy?

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A lot of sites use popup method to collect emails, but are we making our visitors think our site is spammy? Do people just add their email and never come back?

Please backup your points with proof.
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    As long as the design for it looks nice and sleek, and the popup can be configured so it only pops up every couple of days (and not EVERY SINGLE TIME someone goes to your website), you should be fine.
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    Do Pop-Ups Work or do they just annoy your visitors?

    Personally I don't like pop-ups, but I also know that website owners have pop ups that I can't close.

    It will make your site look spammy/low quality and google doesn't like that. Pop-up ads or pop-ups are often forms of online advertising.
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    Read this: How We Increased Our Email Subscribers by 600% with OptinMonster

    And take a listen to what Derek Halpern has to say about the matter:

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    I'd read somewhere that it's a problem for the major search engines, i.e., they can affect rankings negatively. Might be a rumor and I honestly don't remember where I read it and there are probably a lot of people with high rankings that can provide proof to the contrary.

    That said, I took it seriously and I now use what the call roll bars. They slide in unobtrusively at the top or bottom of your site and you can customize the text, etc. HelloBar will give a few free opportunities to set these up and GetReponse has some in their forms library.
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    I hate popups on sites, it's annoying to me. But I understand why people do it.
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    I don't like pop ups on my BLOG. What I have done is put a BIG FAT OPTIN BOX right in the middle of my site and is the first thing that the visitor sees.

    I am getting over 20 new fresh subs per day and it don't piss off my site viewers...

    I hate pop ups just like everyone else.
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    Well, it depends on the offer. If you just want their email and give no good reason....

    then its obvious....

    however, if you give them some real benefit to sign up, then its not spammy

    you dont care if they sign up or not, so its in their best interest....

    they will basically loose if they dont, and you dont really care

    then its a deal

    or like the Aussies say: Fair Dinkum

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