Conversion Rate for Erotic Webcam?

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Suppose a website that talk about sex, seduction and amorous relationships.

If this website wanted to monetize itself with affiliate programs for webcam sites, what could be...

A) the banners conversion rate?
B) the text links conversion rate?

Conversion Ratio: visitors / those who buy something (not just leads)

1/200? 1/1000? 1/10 000?

All webcam affiliate programs speak about high conversion rate but none gives a precise figure. In fact I can not find a specific answer on the web.

Someone has an idea of the answer?

Thank you very much in advance!
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    Conversion rate depends on your traffic. Also, there are cam sites that convert well and there are those that don't convert at all. There is one cam site that makes $5M per month, that one must convert well.

    You have to do some research and run a lot of tests.
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    The adult website industry has its very own forum sites where those guys hang out.
    Kinda hard to parse out and find the ones where some real players hang out (several are riddled with spam).
    Trust that adult traffic is some of the most competitive in the world.
    If you wanted to, you could burn through thousands of dollars in hours and get hundreds of thousands of visitors- enough to shut down your shared server with adult traffic- and still not make a dime (much less break even).

    Hats off to those who can play that game and win- and still be able to look their parents, bothers and sisters, husband or wife in the eye at the end of the day.
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