Recommend me Affilitate programs please

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Even I am fine with search engine optimization and some other direct sales. I would like to get some profit via Affilitate programs too.

Already, I am using google's adsense, I know there are lots of affilitate programs which help guys to earn more. But I don't knw anything...

can you guys recommend me some good affilitate programs which allow me to join FREE and earn for every reference :p
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    That completely depends on your niche and what you wish to promote. For start up, sign up for free at ClickBank and promote the products there. You'll find products on nearly ever niche which you can promote and an average commission is 50%.
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    You can also find a good list of affiliate programs divided into different categories on the following website.
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    I would say that if in doubt, and just starting out, try joining the Ebay Partner Network.

    Reasons why:
    • You can promote virtually any kind of products - if you can buy it you'll find it on Ebay
    • If your choice of products to promote is off a little, it doesn't matter. Just by sending people to Ebay you can get them browsing, and you'll get commission on anything they buy, even if not what you promoted
    • No payment threshold - they pay on the 25th of the month even if you only earned a few dollars
    • Payment direct to your bank account - no messing around with checks and paypal transfers, just get deposits right into your bank
    • Time pressure for your visitors - visitors know that if they don't go and look at the product you're promoting, the auction might end and they could miss out
    • Healthy commission - whatever revenue Ebay generates from an auction (ie. listing fee plus percentage of sale) you get half. This is about to convert to payment per clickthrough, which I think will pay even better as long as your clickthroughs are quality.

    I love promoting for ebay actually. It's my favorite affiliate program.
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    I see from your sig that you are also into physical products. Do your research and check out other programs offered via directories such as Linkshare and Shareasale - there are more, these are just examples to look at.

    As mentioned, a lot will depend on your chosen niche(s).

    Take a look at Amazon also.

    Andrew Gowans
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  • within clickbank, paydotcom, and commission junction you will find tons of products you can promote.
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      If you are getting some pretty good traffic you should also look into doing CPA. They often pay much better than affiliate programs. There is a forum on WF for getting started.
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    To star You may consider affiliate programs with istant payment option (like those using Rapid Action Script or something similar) that way you don't have to whait for your commission and you can play harder on promotion without money off your pocket
    Hope this help.
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    I agree that ClickBank and Commission Junction are two that are free to use and provide a wide variety of products to promote. Commission Junction also has a variety of marketing options (banners, text links, search boxes, etc.) available to use on your site.
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    To find some good CPA offers too sign up for Offer Vault and you will be able to compare who is offering the best payout structure.
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