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Hello , i recently found this forum and it seems to have lots of good people writing good stuff on it. I also drank too much coffee, so i'm very excited to join your community.

Lately i've been thinking a lot trying to find something to work hard at and reap the rewards. An online business seems the way to go, since i have no money and this is accessible to me. I studied a bit the different ways i could make money online, but to be honest i'm pretty lost, i have no idea where to start and how to do it. Also because i have 0 experience in this area, i can't make the difference between quality information and bs.

I did notice that many business information sources put the emphasis on selling your product, and they teach you this rather than how to come up with product idea. I don't have any product ideas, and i'm not really that passionate about anything in particular. I just like the concept of investing, finding profitable opportunities and exploiting them as well as you can. I used to play online poker for more than 5 years, and i liked the fact that i was strategizing and basically making money out of nothing more that i liked the game itself.

I have lots of time, energy and potential ready to invest in something worthy , but i have no idea what that would be.
That's why i would appreciate it if you could help me get started.
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    Well I like affiliate marketing it is a good starting point, as with a good mentor providing an excellent range of products for your customers repeat orders, sales pages to get you started quickly, and marketing training, it means you can start earning commissions a lot quicker than trying to learn it all first, test products etc. Take a look at some free marketing videos I found on YouTube they might help you....

    Free videos: How to start earning quickly from Youtube
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    I am trying affiliate marketing in Amazon, but i am not succession my self. I am trying every kinds of process and system, i am bringing traffic for my website but not getting any sale in Amazon.
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      Originally Posted by Mashfi View Post

      I am trying affiliate marketing in Amazon, but i am not succession my self. I am trying every kinds of process and system, i am bringing traffic for my website but not getting any sale in Amazon.
      Just like me Sadly...

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    Before you do anything on the Internet always think about how you intend to drive visitors to your site and offers. Without traffic you have nothing.

    Here are the ways to drive traffic:

    - SEO - includes keyowrd research and competition assessment. Free but takes time and persitnece
    - Buying Ads on other forums and websites as well as PPC
    - Viral content on social networks
    - Email drop with reputable email companies

    Of course this is all easier said than done! You need to explore and learn more about each way and then test and see what works for you. Learn more and apply, it can be done.
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    I recommend affiliate marketing as a start.

    Or offer your service as a freelancer.
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    Originally Posted by SaynotoKlaus View Post

    . . . but to be honest i'm pretty lost, i have no idea where to start and how to do it

    Welcome to the forum.

    Choosing a business model for selling is not the place to start. You see, the model you choose (like affiliate sales, or product creation, or a membership site) will depend upon the niche you want to serve and what they are asking for.

    May I suggest you begin with your audience - those you plan to sell to. Find out what they want to buy. Internet selling becomes so much easier when you are selling what people want - what they are demanding!

    How do you know what is in demand?

    You go online and do some searching. Be observant and do some research into what is selling well, what are others doing to make money, what solutions to problems can you come up with and sell to people, how can you add value to people's lives, how can you save people money or time or effort?

    It all starts with marketplace demand. You want to be selling into that demand. Don't assume you know what folks will buy.

    The best to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    You can focus on your followers because of getting the clear idea about to selling products. Normally, i can suggest to choosing the Trending products for sale will be a good choice.
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  • Your attitude is of primary importance. Your focus and intent should be one of helping your customers achieve their goals. It should be all about them, not all about you. Keeping that in mind will provide you with a firm foundation.
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    You have a tool here. Thats number 1. 2nd you have to understand business and supply and demand! Once you understand those two things without just saying yeah like 98% of people but they don't make a dime but really do then you find what other successful people say affiliates like myself are doing and you copy them.
    Targeted Viewers! All your traffic needs in one spot. Get seen today!
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    If you want to run your online business in a good way then earn affiliate marketing and modern digital marketing techniques. People are now more familiar with internet and you can get more than 50% business with online methods. You can also hire a reliable company like to get services at reasonable rate. Read their blog posts and get useful information for your business.

    Research Executive at VirtueNetz

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  • Affiliate marketing would be a good start. Do some basic research that can get you started. Select the niche, quality products and promote them. Don't miss to build your mailing list, a true asset.
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    Everything would be good start. You need just to start somewhere and keep going,keep failing,keep trying and finally find your winner method.

    I really honestly don't believe that anyone who working in IM world for like 1-2 years could reach success, because it's to short period of time to properly setup your mindset.

    For example, I needed 4-5 years to finally understood how everything is working and how mindset is so important, now I could run any business sucessfuly, because I have a right mindset.

    Good luck, mate.
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    Easiest start is affiliate marketing. Because you don't have to create product, setup payment method, etc. You have to choose a good product with the highest commission. Great places to find affiliate products in different niches is and
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    Try Google Adsense or it's competitors also affiliate marketing as a start is good for you!
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    Affiliate marketing is a skill you will have to develop by constantly learning - one of the best approaches I've found is email marketing and conversation marketing. You've got to find the right strategy for you and your budget. A friend told me that you can find out how to do or more information about anything with youtube and I believe that it is the key place to start. Check out the view counts - kinda helps and how old the material is as its always changing. Caution though there are lots of scammers out there to get your money too!
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    If you don't have any ideas for your own product at the moment. I would also suggest to start with affiliate marketing. But perhaps for digital products from such as Warrior +, JVZoo or Clickbank, as I feel there is less of a learning curve with this, than with something like setting up an Amazon affiliate store etc.
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