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Hello Warriors,

a few months ago I purchased a domain through namecheap and changed my nameservers then becuase hostgator is my host. Let's call this domain1.
Last week I purchased another domain which is of course also hosted by hostgator. So that's domain2.

Now I wanted to install wordpres on it and when you want to make a new wordpress instalation with fantastico deluxe there comes a dropdown menu where you can choose the domains.
Now there were 3 domains:

Why is there that combination of both domains? I have never registered that name. Maybe you can help. DId I do anything wrong ?

Thanks in advance
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    I dont use fantastico myself but it looks like a subdomain has been setup. Ignore the third option and just get into doing the installation on your chosen domain
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    Ok thangs guys. But how can I install wordpress myself and what are the advantages ?
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    Hi there deanfz,

    The subdomain is because, when you bought the hostagator account, it was under , so therefore any domain that you are now going to add to your hostagator account, it will automatically create a sub-domain like what you have mentioned. So therefore, its nothing to worry about.

    You can install wordpress through fantastico as i think that should be really easy. you just need to select on what domain, which directory [ leave blank if main ] and then proceed with the installtion. note down the new admin details. and thats it.

    If you want to install WP yourself, download it from the Wordpress site, the latest release and then read the instructions regarding installing WP. Its pretty simple.
    You just need to create a DB yourself and a user , and then add the user to the db and then when you upload the WP files to your server. you need to enter the details of that new Db you have created.

    That should do the job .

    If you still need further help in installing WP, ill do for you pretty cheap [ $20 ]

    Let me know.

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