Those of you with Reseller hosting accounts-How much space to you allocate to each site?

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For those of you who have a hosting plan that allows you to be a reseller, like Hostgator, how much space do you allocate to each site?


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    Well it all depends upon the type of site that one wants to make or host. I have sites with 100MB hosting space and I also have sites that have over 50 GB space.

    I also provide hosting to some of my customers but they have smaller sites so for them even 1 GB is sufficient.
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    These would be niche content sites with WordPress installed.
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      Originally Posted by Jason_V View Post

      These would be niche content sites with WordPress installed.
      I allocate minimum 100-200 MB to my niche content sites running on wordpress, and at least 1-2GB in bandwidth. Such sites are updated regularly with fresh content. I have a total of 15 such sites on my reseller hosting plan.
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      I allocate "unlimited" disk space to all of my domains (assuming your host allows this, most do).

      Websites and blogs actually take up very little space unless you have a lot of images, videos, etc.

      By not setting an arbitrary disk space quota I never have to worry about exceeding a domain quota and having my site go offline unexpectedly. This way I only have to keep my total disk usage within my hosting plan limits.

      Of course, I only host my own domains so it is easy to control.

      If you are hosting client sites, you may want to set a reasonable quota on them so they don't store unnecessary files and backups.
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    A wordpress installation should not take up very much space at all. Even if loaded up with plugins I would think that 50mb would be plenty of space.

    Does HG let you oversell? Overselling is allowing say 50mb when you know that 90% of the sites out there wouldn't ever use anymore than 5mb.

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    Most of my sites are wordpress based and on average they are about 20Mb. I allocate 60Mb disk space and 200Mb bandwidth as standard, then keep an eye on bandwidth usage and adjust as required.

    The max bandwidth usage for any one site is about 600Mb at the moment, I have that one set at 1Gb.

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    I just checked the disk space used by all my wp sites. They average about 25mb or so. Earlier I said 5mb, but meant to type 50! It's early.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that disk space counts every file on the server that belongs to the user plus any databases. An email is considered a file, so anyone who stores lots of emails on the server can burn up disk space very quickly.

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