How do I get money making traffic?

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I see many people here talking about how to get traffic. But much of it doesn't seem like good quality traffic for converting sales? How can I get better quality traffic?
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    That's a very good question. What you are looking for is buyer traffic. (People who have already proven that they are willing to spend money online, people who are searching for a particular product name, or people who use keywords that indicate that they are interested in buying something in a particular niche.

    Below is a link to a thread I created that reveals 3 different ways to get buyer traffic. I hope this helps.
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    Originally Posted by I Love Webtools View Post

    I see many people here talking about how to get traffic. But much of it doesn't seem like good quality traffic for converting sales? How can I get better quality traffic?

    Ok Facebook auto poster, using social media, Facebook comments, just post thousands of comments on hundreds of Fan pages, on auto pilot, this seems to drive lots of traffic, but you must do it right,
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  • One way to get buyers is to pre-qualify your traffic. Ask yourself, who is your ideal customer? Then, offer a free report/video that your ideal customer would really like to have. Then, write some pre-sales copy and send them off to your affiliate link.

    This way, the very people most likely to buy whatever it is you're selling will be the ones reading your offer.
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    Find other sites, forums, social media, groups, etc. where people might be interested in your product or service. Contribute to the discussion and to the community. When allowed and when appropriate, include a link to your site or blog.
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    Originally Posted by I Love Webtools View Post

    I see many people here talking about how to get traffic. But much of it doesn't seem like good quality traffic for converting sales? How can I get better quality traffic?
    Best place to find info on Traffic is use the search tab there are hundreds of recent threads with great info
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    Would love to know more what kind of business are you doing? Most businesses get a lot of traffic, it's not... low quality traffic, but it's how a website structure or attract the audience to stay on their website longer and be willing to take action.

    Just like if you send 100,000 traffic to a blank page... then there's no any conversions.

    But to a page that is full of resources and information on helping traffic to solve their problems... then there will be conversions... maybe high conversions, how is that sound.
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    Proper On page SEO is the main term for getting Traffic. And then go for Off Page SEO. The Quality Link Building of your site will help you a lot.

    Social Media shares also an important task to drive the traffic to your website.
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    Use some bulk traffic vendors that can send sales into orbit at neck-snapping speed. Sometimes quantity blasts sales slumps to the pit.
    I love getting in trance just by hearing you talk
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  • You can get money making traffic by social networking like You tube,Facebook,Twitter and Pintrest and by sharing blogs in social media.

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    This is a great question, and one with a whole load of answers. The basics are content promotion, and the more advanced stuff falls into SEO, influencer outreach, etc. I've found a guide with a step-by-step checklist that covers all of the important parts of this here:

    Get 100,000 Page Views With This Promotion Strategy | DOZ

    If you check the comments on that page, it's helped a lot of people out who were asking the exact same question as you. I run through this checklist whenever I have new content, and I can safely say I'm hitting 100,000+ monthly pageviews.
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    Most of the traffic is good its just people don't optimize their campaigns for the traffic source they are using.
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    Create your own buyer traffic with low cost $1 Resource that over delivers.

    They will not forget you and when you do launch a premium product you will have an early bird list for a more powerful launch day or email series affiliate promo.
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    Can you make backlink web 2.0 or backlink forum
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    I saw a great way to get targeted traffic the other day where you don't have to pay for any 'Boosts' on Facebook.
    You create a Fanpage on Facebook, lets say the Niche is 'Classic Novels'. Now everyone who joins is going to like Classic Novels otherwise they wouldn't 'Like' the page in the first place. You will obviously have to set up a great page with captivating content. Then the way you get them in is 'A FREE Giveaway!' e.g Top 100 Novels published by Penguin!. You then run a competition that lasts say 6 months. To qualify for the competition you must enter your E-mail address and name (on an opt-in form).

    This way you have targeted traffic. You aren't paying to Boost your posts. Friends of Friends will see it and join. Not only will you generate fans buy you will be boosting your leads with actual e-mail address's.
    You can also mortise this straight out of your Facebook page with your Thank You Page e.g Google Adsense, Affiliate links to related products etc. Set up your auto-resposner and DONE.

    The competition will cost you a few hundred i'm guessing, but over a 6 month period.
    This can also be done with holidays or a wider niche.

    Hope this helps my friend
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    adnetworks still work though. you just need to test and edit and test

    can I have a signature?

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    I am in the wedding business how can I use Warrior to make sales and gain clientele?
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    Originally Posted by I Love Webtools View Post

    How can I get better quality traffic?
    Focus on the traffic sources that you KNOW work.


    If you're not making it work then you know it's not the platform, it's you.
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    I suggest you to take a look here to get an idea how to get high quality traffic
    7 Ways to Drive Quality Traffic to Your Website

    Do you want to get access to a simple method that will allow you to earn First Affiliate Commission ?Get the exact step-by-step method designed to transform you into a super affiliate!

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    I Suggest You to Use Reddit, Stumbleupon, Pininterest, Dellicious, To get targeted traffic to Your Website. Add Google Adsense into your website. So that you can earn Something better than nothing.

    If you get any sales thats your Profit.

    You don't need to spend a Dime to use such Social Networks.
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    Just check out My website Bath Dogs Home and Dog Training for Free

    I am started receiving traffic to my website.

    You can also use Craiglist to get tageted traffic to your Website.
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    Friend, you already know the answer, whether you realize it or not. You're doing it now.

    Using your WF sig to get people to your WSO, even with the shortened link.

    Putting the same sig and link in a knitting forum wouldn't work.

    The answer to your question is putting your offer and link in front of people likely to be willing and able to spend money on your product/service. That's the whole deep, dark secret.

    There are many ways to do that, as the previous answers here hint at. Finding the right mix of ways that work for you in your market niche is where the magic (and the money) are.
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    go hang out where you customers are, and put banner ads, links, images, inspriational stuff, video.

    done right, you can make huge profits each week.

    Done wrong, well, its to the doghouse and drawing board.

    I do not see many people actually do this right, but the ones that do, always stand out.
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    I Suggest You to follow 7 steps below to get targeted traffic to Your Website.

    1. Create more content for your website
    2. Write better content for your website
    3. Add video to your content strategy
    4. Share content on social media
    5. Evaluate every web page for good SEO
    6. Comment on industry blogs
    7. Pay for search engine rankings
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    use video, FB, social media, articles, Viral link baits.

    paid, use video ads, ppc, ppv, and media buys.
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