These 5 Things Are What Get Your Content Noticed Quickly - And They Are Free!

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With all the content jostling for attention out there, It's no secret that getting your content noticed online can be a grind. When you've been at it for a while, it's easy to feel a range of emotions and become jealous, overwhelmed and slightly exhausted just from comparing your website to other online content creators who manage to get thousands of likes, shares and comments across social media platforms.

The truth, though, is that the only way you can grow to become a content powerhouse is to embrace the grind. But you can be smart about it, and pay attention to those details that really matter, so that at the end of the day, the grind pays off and your content really gets noticed. Below are five of the most important things that you should be doing to get your content noticed online. And the best part is, they actually don't cost you money.

1. Have a plan for how you are going to get your content out into the social stratosphere

It is no good posting a fantastic blog, article or video onto Facebook or Twitter and expecting the masses to come flocking with likes, shares and comments. You have to have a better plan than that.

That's right, you need to plan. Getting your content noticed is not random. This is where your distribution channels become important. You have to understand your business and your prospective customers. Once you have narrowed down the people you want to target you can post your content on corresponding, relevant forums.

Using all the usual social suspects - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, LinkedIn (yes, even LinkedIn) etc, - is a great way to share your content and get noticed by the right people. So if you've written some awesome content, get it out there and share them on forums that suit your industry too. You will be surprised at how quickly people are prepared to interact the interest they have in your content.

When you know your audience you know where to look for your customers.

2. Understand the importance of imaging in your content creation

Humans are highly visual beings and people want to see images when they consume content. There's something about images that makes content memorable. But it's not just about the Aesthetics. One of the first things any experienced content marketer will tell you is that images are really, really important for grabbing traffic from image search engines. Quick Tip; When you post images, be sure not to ignore Alt text and description. Optimizing these will improve the searchability of your content.

And don't just use any old images, just because you want images. It is vitally important that when you post content that you use imaging that creates a connection between your website and your customers. Use photos they can relate to. The best way to do that is with real photos of real people to which the content relates.

The Internet has become overwhelmed with stock photos, and to be frank, the content that is associated with these stock images immediately appears to lack a soul. If you want to connect with your audience you have to show them that you are real and that your content is real.

In a digital age where so much is fabricated and make-believe, you need to create a lasting connection. When people see a more personable side of your website via images rather than one long wall of print, they will become advocates for your content much more easily than if you appear automated. That means they'll be more likely to share it and share is good, right?

3. Ensure that all content has an origin from your own website

Those starting out in the content creation game often overlook this point, however it cannot be underestimated. At the end of the day the fantastic content you create is to draw customers to your website. If you are posting content from an external source all traffic will be directed there. Although it may be great that you are gaining traction on external sites with your content, there is less chance they will convert to customers by using this avenue.

By having all content created from your own site will increase the chances that prospective customers will have a further look around your website and will know where to look next time they are after something.

You can still share links on various platforms, directing them back to the source. This will increase your traffic and readership.

4. Make sure you understand the content creation space you are entering into

Remember at the beginning, when we said that it is easy to become overwhelmed by comparing yourself to content creation giants? Well, at some point, you should use these industry leaders to your advantage.

If you take nothing else from this article, you will do well do familiarize yourself with content that is working for these content creators. It does not mean you plagiarize their work, it means researching into what content works and generates more clicks. Pay attention to the details:
  • The layout they use
  • The font
  • Use of visuals and video
  • What headings/titles are used
  • Who is sharing the content
  • What times they release content

It is easy to overlook the details, but my bet is that the structure of the content these content creation machines use follow a distinct pattern. It is easy to follow structure for your own content creation and once you have this nailed you can add your own flair and style into your work.

5. Start small and use your own network of social media influencers to share your content

When starting out in the content creation game is extremely difficult to utilize social media influencers that you are not connected to.

That is why it is important to start small and use your own network to help share your content. To grow organically you cannot underestimate your own network. It is far easier to get a friend, colleague or acquaintance to like or share your content than an individual or business you have had no previous dealings with.

It all comes down to trust and familiarity. If you create fantastic content that engages your own network they can do the hard yards exposing you to a wider audience. Spend time encouraging your own network to grow your audience, as it requires less energy and lower trust barriers.

Growing the audience for your content rapidly requires a lot of hard yards and dedication. Start small and understand the framework you are working in and you can grow rapidly and organically, without spending a cent.
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