How important is the Kindle Author Central page for Kindle marketing?

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Kindle Author Central is a powerful platform to personalize your author brand. It seems like it can be put to good use. At the very least, you could showcase your books there to give people a contextual view of your work as an author.

Outside of that, what other benefits do you guys get think the Kindle Author Central page brings to the table? I'd like to get a clear idea because I want to know if it's worth the time and bother.

I'm the type of person that puts quite a bit of effort in whatever I do. I don’t want to put in all that time, effort, and energy only to see very little results from that investment. Any kind of advice, tips, or even warnings would be greatly appreciated.
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    I tend to ignore it BUT, a writer/reader I recently interacted with pointed out I didn't have one for my new pen name.... She has a big genre reader site (and we were scheduling a promo for my book), so I took that to mean she felt it important. She also reminded me to claim my pen name in a couple of other places...

    I've put them on my To Do list but likely won't spend time on them after that, unless I see a reason to...

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    It is a great platform you can use for networking with other writers

    One of the key steps in building a sustainable Kindle publishing business is creating the right relationships with other publishers

    Think win/win

    Think synergy
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