How can I generate stable & long term traffic from blog posts?

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You have written a reasonable long post that details a particular topic. You did extensive research and spent hours to come up with a great content that may be better than lot of your competitors.

You shared it on social media, optimized it for SEO and mailed it your subscriber list.

The traffic spiked for few days and then it slowly died down. Typical traffic life cycle of a blog post goes like this:

First few days it generates good traffic and then gradually the number of page views starts decreasing and finally it either becomes stagnant or the traffic dies down.

So what should we do to change this scenario? How can we ensure the blog post does what it is supposed to do: attract long term inbound traffic that generates business.

I found lots of article on this topic on Google. Most of them suggest almost the same methods in different ways. Most common suggestions are something that we all know:

1. Build subscribers and send it to email list
2. Optimize for SEO – Keyword insertion, Link building etc.
3. Share it on Social Media – More than once
4. Promote it through relevant blog commenting and giving a link

Some of the blogs have also suggested to use particular tools that can automate some of the processes and make them easier.

But is it enough? Also if we do this for all of the blog posts, will it not take a lot of time and resources to deliver a better result?

So does that mean, if I plan to start blogging for my business, apart for content writing I need to invest a good amount of money in blog promotion? And once I start receiving traffic I need to invest resources in getting more conversion?

At the outset, making money from blogging seems to be quite a difficult task.

Well, my idea of posting this thread is not to discourage newbies from starting a blog. My idea is hear from all best internet marketers of world (I believe warriors are among one of the best marketers in the world) about the secret tips and tricks that can help us generat money consistently from our blogs.

Here is my take on this:

Primarily there are four sources of traffic: Search Engines, Social Media, Email and Referrals. If we can improve efficiency of each channel by 25% we can get 100% more traffic.

Here is my take on how we can improve efficiency of each channel by 25% by tweaking small changes in the way we do things:

Improve Search Engine Optimization

I believe standard techniques will help here: Relevant Keyword insertion as sub titles and in the content, bookmarking and backlink building.

As suggested by Neil Patel, link roundups, blog commenting, submission on community sites and forums will help building long links and it will also create value for users.

I strongly believe the anything which doesn’t improve user experience or doesn’t add value to end users will not affect search engine rankings in long term.

Improving Social Media Efficiency:
A well-researched, long blog post should consist a lot of useful, actionable information. The information and insights can be used to create multiple snippets. Each snippet can be used as a new blog post to be shared on social media. So you will share the same link of blog but use different titles and descriptions to attract to a new audience. This will also help you sharing the same blog on social media for a long period of time. So one blog may work as 20-30 blogs for sharing on social media.

This tactic worked really well for me and increased my blog traffic by over 100%.

You can also take advantage of social media group posting to increase your reach. You can post the blog on relevant Facebook and LinkedIn groups. Using different snippets while sharing on groups have improved my blog traffic dramatically.

Email Marketing
There is no short cut in email marketing. It takes months to build a relevant list. However I have tried one small trick that worked really well for me.

Whenever I publish a new blog I send it to my mailing list. After 15 days of sending first mail, I send another mail with some user comments and my opinion on the same. This small activity has increased my email traffic by 225%. Most of the times, those who had not opened the first mail, open the second mail out of curiosity. And if you have a large mailing list, number of such people will obviously be large.

Referrals Traffic
Repetitive nature of content on internet has negatively impacted the referral traffic. There may be hundreds of blogs on the same topic which you are writing. While guest posting can generate decent traffic it takes a hell lot of efforts.

The facts and data based blogs generate better referrals then opinionated or how to articles. Once upon a time “How to” articles used to generate decent referrals however such kind of articles have become commonplace. So I believe putting unique facts and data would generate some referral traffic as well.

I have shared my experience on how to generate consistent traffic from your blog posts. Now it is your turn. In comments please let the world know your secrets of generating consistent traffic from your blog.
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    Do you have a title or description that may your visitors think your content out date?
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      Originally Posted by sirtiman View Post

      Do you have a title or description that may your visitors think your content out date?
      No the title and description of okay. So for example

      "SEO Strategy in 2016 - White Hat Techniques that drive long term results"

      This is the title. And likewise the description is also updated.

      Saket Kumar Singh
      This is my Digital Marketing Agency

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  • It comes when you constantly promote your content through multiple channels. I suggest you check out Brendon Burchard's Circular Viralocity Method. Just Google It!

    Anik Singal has a pretty solid method too if you just Google Anik Singal you'll find his website.
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    Just writing blog post everyday is not enough. Learn everything about viral strategies so you can multiply your blog traffic.
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  • Choose subjects to write about that won't result in you being buried by the competition. Then write a provocative title that will separate you from the rest of the search results. A title that the reader must click for fear of missing out. You don't necessarily need a page 1 top 3 ranking.

    Also, make certain that you include the social media buttons fixed in the margin as the reader scrolls down. Make it convenient for sharing on FB, Twitter, Pinterest and reddit. If your content is good then people will want to share it and you want them to have those buttons handy whenever the mood strikes them.

    Finally, lower your standards. You aren't likely to see millions flocking to your website overnight. It's just not going to happen. Think lots of pages with trickles vs one big mega post.
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    The reason blogging comes up often when talking about long term traffic acquisition is because blogging, if done well, can be a good outlet for high-quality content on your site. Without it, you have to find another way to incorporate fresh, high-quality content into your site.
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    For certain offers, on specific pages I also buy fiverr gig traffic. I send that traffic to Landing Page A which gives some teaser info about the product/service, and has a 'learn more' button or 'next' button at the bottom of that page. If they click that button it takes them to Landing Page B. Now I consider any traffic to this B page decent because they took some action to learn more. Now I can put an optin form for lead gen on this page, and/or pixel this page for retargeting. This way I'm only spending more time/money on the visitors to the B page which is better quality (and real humans) than the junk sent to the initial A page. This is one way I use cheap fiverr gigs and filter the traffic.

    I'm sure other guys talk about this method too, but I've personally never heard anyone. I just figured it out. And if you're still reading this, you just got a real good tip here
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