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I'm sure many marketers would agree, that there is money to be made in Optin Lists.

I decided to create this thread, so other Warriors that have been successful with building massive optin lists, could weigh in and share one nugget, tip, trick or strategy for building a Responsive Optin List.

*Heres Mine*

One strategy that I have employed is advertising in ezine directories, finding niches related to mine, and contacting newsletter/list owners and paying them for an ad spot.

Another tip is to have fresh original content. Even if you build a list of 10,000. If you are giving them the same old rehashed forum information. They will spot this quick, and your list will dwindle down to nothing.

What about you? What's one Gem that you can offer to fellow Warriors. If everyone contributes, this could become the Holy Grail of Optin Building.


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