How an inefficient internet marketing can ruin a marketing plan

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There are internet marketing campaigns that are good and then there are some which are bad, but there are few that are truly ugly!

There is a very thin line between the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the internet marketing campaigns and it is where businesses fail to differentiate among them resulting into a disastrous marketing campaign which not only flushes the campaign money down the drain but even hurts the company badly.

I would just like to take a look at some of the reasons why internet marketing campaigns fail so that we could learn from them and avoid them.

Copy Paste Copy Paste Copy Paste…..

It’s the worst thing a business can do when it comes to internet marketing. And, it’s something that actually happens! Just a few months ago a large company in India – Reliance, while launching its new internet service used internet marketing campaign by getting the top Indian celebrities to tweet about it. And, they completely ruined it! All these celebrities tweeted the same message!

Now, if you or I were following these celebs, and see the same tweets, what’s the impression do we get? Surely the company must have spent millions for getting these celebrities to endorse them. Couldn’t they have at least given each one of them a different message to tweet?

That’s how copy pasting your message can completely ruin your internet marketing strategy.

Now that would be a real disaster for a company that spends millions for getting celebrities endorse their products but fail to spend even a few hundred dollars to get authentic looking messages created for each one of them.

Copy Pasting Standard Messages

It is another form of copy paste that ruins an internet marketing campaign. You must have seen that writing an email to the customer service of a company results in an auto mail being sent to you acknowledging that your complaint has been received and that they will take action within 24 hours… blah… blah… blah….

Now imagine a company doing the same on social media! So, you tweet a complaint or post a message on the Facebook wall of a company specifically highlighting an issue or a problem faced by you.

All you’re hoping is an instant resolution. It’s true that social media has made the consumers impatient who can’t wait for some time and want everything to be done instantly.

But, it’s what companies use social media for. So, getting back to the point. You send a message on social media to a company and expect the customer service representative to answer you promptly.

And, in turn, all you get is a standard reply that your complaint has been received, acknowledged, etc. and that the company in question only uses the best of the products or ingredients or whatever and only want the good for you… the list goes on. But, it says everything except for a precise, concise and a clear answer.

The reply you get would look copy pasted. Now, would you again try this medium of contacting the company in question? Absolutely not! And what does the company lose in this case?

An opportunity to engage with a customer, listen to the feedback, improve the product and deliver a better service or product next time.

Such instances will completely screw the internet marketing campaign of a company as bad reputation spreads much faster online than the good reputation.

Delay in Engaging

As I said in the above paragraphs, customers look for instant gratification when they use social media to communicate and engage with the companies. If the companies fail to reply immediately or give the copy pasted answer like the one mentioned above, the customers would definitely not going to like that.

In 2013, a flyer of British Airways, Hassan Syed lost his luggage. He tweeted British Airways with the hope that the airline will help him immediately.

This isn’t a wrong expectation. The poor guy lost his luggage due to a mistake of the airline so why should he suffer? It was in the hope of a solution to this urgent situation, he tweeted to the airline. But, it took British Airways 8 hours to reply to him!

Syed got completely pissed off and twitted that the service of British Airways is horrendous. And what’s more? He even hired a social media advertising agency to promote his tweet! The result, 76,000 people viewed his tweet.
It was nothing short of a marketing disaster for British Airways. Imagine what such an instance do to a much smaller company?


Nothing can be worse than being insensitive towards your customers and society. Companies, even of very large sizes fail to understand this simple fact. You just cannot ridicule someone or something in an insensitive manner and get away with it.

And, if you do it on social media, there’s nothing stopping from ruining your internet marketing campaign. American Apparel asked people to shop online its products instead of getting “bored” sitting at home when Hurricane Sandy struck the US.

In another example, Malaysia Airlines, after the crash of its aircraft MH370 posted a contest for the users in Australia and New Zealand with iPads or airline tickets as the price. The contest asked the respondents to write a short note on their “Bucket List”. The airlines failed to understand that a bucket list is something a person would like to do before death. Customers termed this contest insensitive towards the victims of MH370 crash.

Failing to integrate

Internet marketing is all about using each of the marketing channel in its unique way. One size doesn’t fit all and it is something marketers fail to realise.

By running similar campaigns across different social media networks, an internet marketing campaign can take a severe beating. Hence, the need is to work on each medium specifically.

These are just some of my analysis and findings. I request the other forum members to share their views and information to make this discussion even more exciting and useful.
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