Is it possible to get into affiliate marketing without having a single dollar?

by runzun
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Just want to get into affiliate marketing but problem is i dont have money to spend on anything
can someone help me if it is possible and from where should I start
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    The following is a copy and paste of a response I gave to someone asking a similar question:

    Sure you can, I'm involved in a couples of niches where I don't even have a website or email list (which is not smart if that's your main business, incidentally).

    What I do is I create short YouTube videos (2 to 3 mins long) around niche-specific topics and at the end of every video I give a call to action whereby I recommend the person watching the video to check out the link in the description below my video for more useful info (an affiliate offer).

    For example, in the Survivalist market I would create videos such as "how to start a fire with some twine and sticks" and "5 things every survivalist should have in his backpack".

    At the end of delivering that content I would recommend the viewer to check out the related resource I have in my description (which would be an affiliate offer from ClickBank, such as the Everstryke Match).

    I would say something like, "Don't forget to get your FREE Everstryke Match, it's a waterproof match that every survivalist or outdoorsman should have, so click the link in the description below this video to see if it's still available for free."

    Also, be sure to use a domain name and forward that to your affiliate link, you don't want to post naked affiliate urls on YouTube because it looks spammy and no-one will click it.

    So while it's certainly possible, you'll want to invest at least $10 into getting a domain name from, which you can use to redirect to your affiliate links.

    After you make your first few sales, you'll want to invest in your own website and start building an email list, as this is where the real money is.

    Do some research on "list building" and email marketing.

    I'm telling you this from experience; unless you are extremely proficient at generating lots of targeted traffic, you'll never make a significant income with affiliate marketing without building an email list.

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    Originally Posted by runzun View Post

    Just want to get into affiliate marketing but problem is i dont have money to spend on anything
    can someone help me if it is possible and from where should I start
    I don't know where you're posting from, but saying you don't have money to spend on anything in most civilized places is a copout. Odds are, you are spending money on something you could give up long enough to scrape together enough for a domain name.

    Daniel mentioned Namecheap, which is the company I use, and they have coupons flooding the web all the time. You may not get your dream dotcom name, but you can get domains for as little as $0.99 for the first year.

    Tell me where in the civilized world you can't scrape together one US dollar for something you really want.

    Once you have that name, you can use it as a base for a lot of things. Most of what you need can be had in no-cost versions to start out. Places like weebly for hosting or using a host's built in Mailman server for broadcasting to an email list.

    They aren't ideal, but when you're talking bootstrapping with no capital, very little is going to be ideal in the beginning.

    Unless, of course, you're just using your first post to fish for a handout...
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    Your question is missing the point.

    It doesn't matter what's possible or what sort of start up funds are necessary for other people and other businesses[/b]. What matters is your business model[/b] and what you need.

    If you have a great business idea and the capabilities to execute it, but you need $50, find a way to come up with $50. If you need $50,000 come up with that. But if you either (a) don't have a business model or (b) aren't willing to save, beg or borrow the funds to get it started, you're not ready to start a business. It's as simple as that.

    So what's your business model? And what do you need to execute it? And how much does what you need cost? That's how much money you need to start your business. And that's your answer to whether you can start your business without a single dollar.
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    You probably will have to invest some money to start but alot of services offer trials you can use for the first month free. Try it out see if you can generate a profit before you invest further if money is an issue. Or you could use youtube and purchase a cheap domain to cover those referral links like the someone else stated, thatll probably be the cheapest way to start.
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